ODJ 248

You know what they say about everything being big in Texas. Case in point is this big (and by big I mean 48,000 sq ft) mansion that’s been listed for a few years now and finally going up on the auction block. But never mind the bowling alley, ballroom, or indoor pool. You’d just find me 24/7 in the dressing room that’s decorated like a Chanel boutique. Is that even legal? But heck, I want one!

Anyway, with the image of today’s first photo burned into my head, I’ll segue right into today’s outfit.

ODJ 248: Chanel 11A ecru tweed jacket, 09A platform slingbacks with metal chain details, 08A lion necklace, black GAP t shirt, and 7 for all mankind straight jeans,.

Anyway, the auction for that house is slated for March 30th. Who’s in with me?!!


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