Matching From Memory

I just recently saw a 60 Minutes segment on facial recognition blindness and wondered if I didn’t have a mild form of it myself. Or maybe it’s just selective blindness when I don’t want to remember certain things (or people!). But this has nothing to do with today’s entry…or does it?

So when you are out shopping for a certain accessory, such as shoes or a bag, don’t you have a few scenarios in mind already? Like a particular outfit or clothing item you are trying to build on? That’s usually the case for me these days. Gone are the impulsive buys just because something is gorgeous. My bulging closet can’t support that bad habit anymore. Instead, I’m trying to get only quality pieces that I think will go the distance in terms of versatility for many (real) occasions instead of some fantasy-scape inside my head. But the problem is remembering colors. I have a fairly vivid memory on the tone and details of fashion items, but I often wonder how our brain processes colors and textures. Maybe that’s why we have a million different ways to describe something like the color brown.

Case in point is this pair of YSL shoes I recently got to match my Chanel gator classic flap. The color code on my bag is brown, as is for the shoes. But as you can see, this brown could be brick, desert clay, or russet. Just depends on how you interpret the color you see on your computer screen based on your own memories. Anyway, when I was at the store, I thought the shoes might be pretty similar in color to my bag. Then when I got home and put the shoes next to the purse…well, it’s not exactly color blindness because it’s close, but probably no cigars. Maybe half a cigar?

But I think they’ll do. Because the crazy truth is that I’m actually buying the shoes for a dress I’m dying to get. Let’s just hope when the dress does finally materialize, it will actually match the shoes. And the bag. But going back to my earlier comment about being a more practical shopper, at least these shoes will go with a lot of other things in my closet. And next time, I’ll skip the whole matching from memory business and just rely on pics on my phone!

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  1. Melody

    I know what you mean..I definitely can identify! There usually is a sequel for me if I commit a colour blind mistake… I will continue my hunt for the closest colour.. 😀

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