ODJ 245
Photo courtesy of Style.com

December 7, 2010. That was when the runway photos hit the Internet and the first time I laid my eyes on the Chanel 2011 Pre-fall Paris Byzance collection. I wanted to sell my house and buy every piece shown. But after shaking off the sweats I made a short list and the above Look 66 was one of the ones making the final cut. I watched the video of of the show on the Chanel website over and over until I went nuts. And then I waited for the items to roll into the stores.

So I didn’t put up my house for collateral but did have to refrain from a few other temptations to continue my Chanel Experiment…

ODJ 245: 11A cardigan coat, Donna Karan black silk blouse, 11A tweeded and gilded jeans, Prada gold croc slingbacks, 2.55 small flap, and Turkish gold coin necklace.


  1. kwp

    You lucky girl. I love those jeans!

  2. larkie

    Ogne: gah shoot me now! love that blouse (the buttons!!!) but i think i would swim in it based on the measurements.

  3. larkie

    hello Kim from Belgium (my home away from home)! i have to agree that the winter 2012 collection is not that exciting. and actually doesn’t look very Chanel either! but it’s probably because i’m hung up with the pre-fall collection (paris bombay) so i can’t even focus on the winter collection just yet. the other factor is that what’s shown on the runway is usually rather different once it’s been reinterpreted by the stores/buyers…for better or for worse. maybe the buyers just edit the buys so that it’s more wearable for us mortals who are not 6 feet tall lol! i could discuss this stuff all day long with you!!
    but maybe i could bring it up in another entry once i have my final fall buy list, even though we are barely into spring! 😀

  4. Kim

    Hey Larkie,

    I love that outfit from Paris-Byzance, and the croc shoes.

    Thank you for restarting the ODJ’s ;). Your outfits and the way you select and take care of your things really inspire me.

    Have you already seen the new Winter 2012-2013 collection? I’m asking because sadly I really don’t like this collection and Chanel is normally my favorite brand.

    So, as you are a regular Chanel customer, which Karl Lagerfeld should take in mind;), I wondered what was your opinion.


    Kim, from Belgium

  5. Katherine

    OMG Larkie I love this whole look, I didn’t know you got the pants too! So fabulous <3

  6. larkie

    SL: i knew you’d like the pants–they had your name all over them!!

  7. larkie

    kk: i should prob write an entry about my thought process each season for my buy list, lol! but the trick is to try things on early in the season because what i may like initially in a photo or on a hanger may look ill suited on me. and the rule is to not duplicate too much what i already have or buy stuff that i may love but cannot wear. so it’s a tough balance between heart, head, and pocketbook!

  8. SL

    Love love love the jeans!

  9. kk

    Hi Larkie,
    How do you select which Chanel piece made it to your short list? What do you look for to make your selection?

    I just admire every piece of your Chanel RTW…


  10. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Those jeans are insane and I would orally rock the jacket!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

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