ODJ 246

We had some great sweater/boots weather in LA this week (as you can see in these recent ODJs) and then we’re heading into the 80s this weekend. It’s probably safe to say that we bypassed winter all together this year. No rain in sight. But I can’t complain since I wouldn’t want to get these boots wet!

ODJ 246: Chanel boots and matching 2.55 flap bag, Exhilaration skinny jeans, and JCrew tuxedo shirt.

I made this necklace with real pearls and 24kt gold lentils wired to a leather string:


  1. Sabrina

    Those boots with that bag is seriously perfect! I still think that ensemble needs to be done in TX also.

  2. Scholastican

    Ah, there it is, the winning combination =) Fantastic pairing!

  3. sophia

    Wow huge pearls; very refined juxtaposed against the leather

  4. jelita78

    oh u really need that horse!
    giddy up larkie!

  5. April


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