Tough Audience

Today’s ODJ is about transitioning a Chanel 08A jacket from work to play. Last night I took the (sparkly) jacket down a few kilowatts by pairing it with black jeans and a black t-shirt to watch the Clippers play the Mavs:

The Kardashian clan (Kris, Kim and Kloe) was courtside…

and each time they were shown on the Jumbotron, the crowd booed. Tough audience. I wouldn’t want that kind of fame for anything, but on another note, I wonder if mama Kris was wearing something Chanel like she usually does :D…

So speaking of doing other things while watching the game, I just realized, after all these years, that the ceiling of the Staples Center looks like it belongs in a spaceship:

And I also examined my purse–as I’m prone to do when I have to sit still for too long–and thought how weird it would be if one day my forehead looked like the inside of my 2.55 flap…I’d resemble my bag, sort of like dog owners and their pets:

At least there’s Botox for me. But till that day happens, I’m going to heed my mom’s recent advice and enjoy it while I still can.

So if that means wearing a fancy jacket to a basketball game, I might show up at the Spurs game in a ballgown!


  1. Hope

    I got the black distressed with GHW. 🙂 I wondered if I should exchange for 226, but I think that I am going to stay with the 225.

  2. larkie

    oh yay! what color did you get?

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks! Just bought the 225 and was having second thoughts about the size…but not any more :).

  4. Larkie

    Hi Hope, it s the 225 size. I wish i had bought a second color in this size when the prices were still “reasonable!”

  5. Hope22

    Larkie, I followed u on tpf… So glad to have found you here! Love love your style! Is the reissue in these photos 225 or 226?? Thx!

  6. lightdays

    I don’t think it looks too fancy. They jacket looks good on you and flatters your body nicely. As for the Kardashians, that must be very embarrassing for them. I liked their TV show though.

  7. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    You have the best Chanel stuff! I love how this look seamlessly transitions to a sporting event too. Who says you should only wear jerseys to games?

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  8. Ruthless

    I don’t think it’s too formal at all it actually works pretty well. You always look cute though.

    I have ZERO sympathy for the Kardashians, fame is what they all wanted and it’s what they got.

  9. larkie

    ^ya you’re my size so i think the 36 would have been huge, esp with the pronounced shoulders. i’m not a fan of shoulder pads usually but this particular jacket makes me look like i have better posture than i do, lol!

  10. d

    A bit on the formal side to a bball game but lovin’ the look! Tried the same jacket on eons ago and found it too large on me. But then again, I’m not into shoulder pads and it was a 36.

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