Fashion Sense And Sensibility

I don’t know what you were doing at 8am today, but a nurse came to my house to measure my weight, height, blood pressure, and to draw lots of blood. Then I had to pee in a cup. It’s routine that I get blood work done at my primary’s lab, but this was for a new life insurance policy. I followed the fasting precautions they instructed last week, but while she was jabbing my puny vein and telling me that she only gets $10 per visit (and no mileage!), I thought about this particularly buttery-artery-clogging meal I had at a steakhouse in the last 48 hours and wondered if maybe I’ll fail the test:

There was so much butter in the sizzling seafood plate and mashed potato that I think I heard a cow mooing with every bite. It’s not right to intake this much dairy. I’m still not feeling right 48 hours later!

Just how long does it take for all that evil food (which also included a chocolate cheesecake for dessert!) to leave your system anyway?

Anyhow, shall we get back to the fashion bit? Yes, dinner was the perfect opportunity to take the Chanel dark white mini flap out for a spin. So in today’s ODJ, the bag is paired with a 10A cardigan (love the zipper that can open in either direction), theory pants, and 11C camellia slingbacks:

It must be odd for those of you in wintery climates to see us California softies still in our capri pants or open-toe shoes with our sweaters in January. But don’t forget, I think it was the West Coast that spawned off the Daisy Duke shorts with furry Ugg boots look. I blame it on too much sun. It fries our fashion sense and sensibility.


  1. larkie

    ^ahh yes, i remember being in hanoi and seeing all the locals wearing heavy coats when it was 70F degrees. they were horrified that i was still in a tshirt and flipflops :D!!

  2. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Sigh, your Chanel cardigan is pretty much perfection!
    I just got to SoCal and it is cold! Then again I spend a lot of time in Asia and people in Hong Kong and Taiwan throw on down jackets when it is 65 degrees!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  3. d

    I’m a fan of Theory capris/slacks too! If interested in more double zipper jackets, check out A&F’s hoodies. I’m a sucker for the double openings!

    Lovin’ that tweed jacket too!

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