Number 42 At Number 18

I’ve only been to one other golf tournament in my life, and that was a bunch of years ago when the huge crowd and I followed someone named Tiger Woods from hole to hole. This weekend we had freebie tickets to the Humana Challenge…

in La Quinta, California

and I was hoping to follow some upstart named Bill Clinton, but this time from the Champions’ Lounge at the 18th hole:

And BTW, yes, that’s the reissue camera bag that I recently bought back after selling it for some crazy reason:

But wait, let me rewind a bit. La Quinta is the golf destination in the desert area because of its predictably beautiful sunny weather in the dead of winter. Except for today. I woke up to a rainy Pasadena, and the weather forecast was so dire for the Palm Springs area that I chose to leave my (cute but white) planned outfit at home. But as we got closer and closer to Palm Springs, the drizzle stopped and the clouds parted till all we could see were wind generators:

And by the time we pulled into the parking lot for the PGA West, it felt like 80 degrees, especially in my black pants and sweatshirt..

so it was quite pleasant to get to the lounge for some shade and a cold drink. We get settled in for about an hour and grabbed lunch…

when I looked up and saw this rainbow halo effect around the sun:

And then it got weird thirty minutes later. The winds started coming in, blowing huge ripples across the water. The tent’s roof suddenly looked/felt really flimsy and flower pots fell over. Then ladies with headsets came in and asked us to evacuate the tent. We all filed outside and while it looked so deceptively beautiful…

signs and scoreboards bent over then fell into the water:

Kiosks also collapsed…

and that’s when the sheriffs showed up to clear out the entire event. By the time we got to our cars and filed out of the city, a dust storm blew in so quickly that in an instant visibility was down to almost zero:

But a few miles later, it was as if nothing had happened. There was not a single cloud in the sky:

So much for finding Number 42 at number 18. I’ll just have to settle for this:


  1. d

    Yes, I look back fondly at the old prices. Too bad I wasn’t too into flaps back in the day… fast forward to last 1.5 years, that’s all I wear! LOL

  2. larkie

    ^hey D, i remember those patent goatskin flaps. i also remember to good old prices, but if you scored below that old price then wowza!

    ps: i’m tempted by the turquoise patent, too, though i’m not much of a patent girl! just gorgeous….

  3. d

    Happy New Year! I completely forgot there…

    Also, I may cave in for the patent turquoise this spring!

  4. d

    L! What a coincidence?! From the 08A line too! The camel goatskin patent flap. And below retail from back then! Sweet! Been lamenting every so often and now it’s on the way! Now, if I can find the burgundy version as well…

  5. larkie

    ^C, i regretted selling it as soon as i sent it to my buyer. it took me over a year to find a brand new one, and i’ll not make the same mistake again!! now if i could only find this medium size in grey–the large is a bit too big for me on a daily basis!

  6. Christine

    So happy you are reunited with the camera bag! When i read you sold it a while back I was a bit sad as your previous pictures actually tempted me to get one of my own! Enjoy your bag again!!

  7. larkie

    hey d, spill! what bag are you reuniting with?!! inquisitive minds want to know :D!

  8. d

    That’s some crazy weather we are having! Wouldn’t be able to tell you since I was indoors at friend’s Malibu hills home watching the 49ers hand the Superbowl to the Giants.

    As for the camera case, the Peaches and Herb song comes to mind: Reunited and it feels so good! I hope to be “reunited” with another bag of my own! haha

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