Look What Showed Up on eBay!

It’s no mystery that fashionistas gravitate toward Chanel prêt-à-porter for the beautiful fabrics and trims. But once in a while, there will be offerings in more common, or shall we say street, materials such as sweatshirt fabric and velour. Yes, I said the v word. But I happen to love this crazy (and a tad loud) velour top that I got from the 2008 season; I wore it all over Prague…

and kicked myself for not being successful in finding the matching racerback tank top. Not that I would wear them together lest I blind everyone I encounter. Fast forward almost four years, and look what showed up on eBay in brand spanking new condition at a fraction of the price!

NOT that I would wear them together…

well, maybe I would!

PS: dear eBay gods, how about the matching shorts, too :D?


  1. Braden

    Great find on eBay, Larkie. Brand new and at fraction of the price! Keep checking us out at eBay for more colorful selection & values, and maybe even matching shorts to go with the brilliant red top and shirt!

  2. larkie

    oh yeah, it’s a little loud together but who cares. lol.

  3. SL

    Love love love! Wearing both together does not look too bad!

  4. April

    You go girlfriend!

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