For The Road

As much as it pains me to pack Chanel RTW for the road (bad experiences with lost luggage), it’s often when I’m somewhere other than LA that I get to enjoy the heavy tweeds. In today’s ODJ I’m wearing an 11P color blocked, padded jacket–that I think makes a fun substitute for a parka–

on my maiden trip with the Missoni for Target luggage:

The rolling case fits easily in the overhead cabin, and the matching travel tote is perfect for all my snacks, magazines, essentials and purse. Love that the tote is vinyl and can take a little water should a careless fellow passenger spill a drink on it. In all my years of travel, I’ve never gotten so many comments on my luggage till now. Women love that my bags match and men comment that someone is finally carrying something not black!

More RTW photo ops in the next entry…as for now, another day, another airport…


  1. larkie

    ^lol, i think most people would rather have a chanel bag than a missoni for target suitcase!

  2. lightdays

    Gosh I love the Missoni for Target luggage set! I missed the Missoni for Target when they were still available at Target! Was kicking myself over it because they had so many stuff I wanted there. Now people are selling it on eBay all overpriced. It’s okay I still got my Chanel’s. 🙂

  3. SL

    Love the luggage set – wish I own the same set!

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