So January is already zipping by like a calendar on speed, and I can smell 2013 on my heels. As a way to de-stress and still have fun here at this blog, I think I’ll try to post more ODJs (outfits du jour) this year to document my addiction to you know what. I think besides looking at the fantastic editorials in magazines and online glossies featuring Chanel, it’s just as fun to see Chanel in action, on every day gals like me doing mundane things. And maybe come December 31, 2012, I can review the ODJs I’ve posted during the year and assess whether I can keep doing what I’m doing or totally revamp my look (what a fab excuse to go shopping!).

In today’s entry, I’m in my LA dress-down mode to watch the “new and exciting” Clippers demolish the Rockets:

The 2.55 flap is my favorite go-to small bag for the moment. It transitions seamlessly from day to night. The only problem is I often forget to close the lock:

Did I already say Blake Griffin and Chris Paul just killed it tonight?

We love having two professional basketball teams in LA; two reasons to have fun at LA Live on warm December nights…especially when you can have veggie sliders and a dark beer before the game starts (this was the first time I tried a chocolate-flavored ale)–hmmm, there goes one of my resolutions (eat better) already:


  1. blythediva

    Thanks for showcasing all your wonderful Chanel collection. I just stumble upon your site and spent the whole evening admiring all your beautiful Chanel Collection

    May I know what size of the 255 you are carrying? Is it the 226 or 227?
    I am trying to figure out if I should buy the 226 or 227 myself.

  2. larkie

    ^lol, i think i remember which bald guy you’re talking about, too! we love it when the clippers win!

    and D: yes, CP3 is def hot!!

  3. Anonymous

    So jelly of all your Chanels, I have yet to own one..

    I was at that game. I sat at the bottom left corner of your photo, right behind the bald guy.

  4. d

    CP3 is a total hottie! Another reason to pay attention to the Clippers this season!

  5. larkie

    you know, the Bal bag is one of my fav designs ever, too. i had a chanel tote in a similar style, sold it, and am now desperately trying to buy it back…grrr.

  6. Ruthless

    I love your blog, although I am SO not a fan of the flap purse (I adore your grey balenciaga)

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