Other Sins

Today’s blog photos are of other sins I’ve committed on this trip that have nothing to do with Chanel. They are instead the ones I try to purge by walking everywhere as much as possible and by trying to keep up with my workout routine.

The problem is, the more I walk in this brisk Fall weather, the more my appetite seems to build…

and at some point I’m sure all this food will catch up to me. But with an abundance of wonderful vegetarian/fake meats and fresh produce here in Europe, it’s been pretty fun to host “American” lunches with hamburgers and hotdogs for my friends…

Then we all go back to our respective abodes and take a siesta. Food coma followed by a nap is about as universal as it gets.


  1. Scholastican

    nomnoms! That pasta with prosciutto…and the desserts…oh my, oh my!

  2. Piggy


  3. d

    Miss L, you can afford to skip a couple of workouts and enjoy life’s guilty yet tasty pleasures! Ring, ring! Dinner Time! Bon Appetit!

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