Bringin’ Home The Cowboy

After a few rounds of brokering by my new favorite sales associate with other Chanel boutiques in France, the bags I was searching for arrived at the Brussels boutique and I hopped a train ride there last Friday with my heart in my throat. That and a few lozenges to futilely ward off a cold. But it wasn’t until this Sunday morning that I got to open the boxes leisurely in my PJs after a long weekend packed with activities, including helping some friends move from their apartment to a new house.

But enough with the chatter, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Why don’t we rewind to Friday. The boutique couldn’t offer me anything stronger to fight my sniffles, but dark chocolate and sparkling water helped as I waited for them to bring out the bags…

and then they jokingly asked which one I wanted to see first, since it was starting to feel like Christmas in October. As I’d been waiting to find a nice red clutch for over two years now, it was an easy choice…

The price on this caviar timeless clutch has gone up 80 euros since I last inquired about it in September, but I can live with that. My camera’s flash makes the bag look a bit brighter than it is; a more muted, darker red in person. I’m still wishing it were the brighter red from the 10C season but I love this one quand même. Probably even more wearable since it’s a more subtle shade.

And then…and then…

Well, remember when I told you I felt instantly smitten by the olive 2.55 bag the last time I saw it? It was still there and I was no less out of love with it. But as you can figure out from today’s entry’s title, I looked at the harder-to-find distressed bag and was definitely bringin’ home the cowboy bag for my matching boots. On my ride back, I was still pondering about my decision–and of course all the RTW I also tried on. But this morning, after opening the new box and dust bag (which I love, love, love),

(btw that’s a catalog she put in my package along with a bunch of perfume samples–have to see what the catalog is for…more temptations most likely!)

and voilà, there are no doubts. It will be hard to find another 2.55 in this kind of leather finish for a while yet…

Can’t wait to reunite the bag with the boots when I get home in a few more weeks.

But I know you’re already in my head. Would a shopping soldier like me ever leave a fallen comrade behind? Let’s see what happens when my fever breaks and I can clear my thoughts a little :D…


  1. larkie

    Schol! yesss those bags are def my choice of drugs :D!

  2. larkie

    S! i’m wearing those boots the next time i see ya since you were my partner in crime on these lol!

  3. Piggy

    I am drooolllllinggggggg…………they are really gor·geous!! Looking forward to see you modelling them.

  4. scholastican

    Ah, finally! Both are worth the wait and the trouble in tracking them down. Feel better, MissL! Just the sight of these two delish bags would cure any ailment!

  5. Sabrina

    I can’t wait to see this gorgeous pair out in Dallas (and LA of course.) I am so happy you got the matching bag. It doesn’t get any better than this!!

  6. larkie

    @ gracie: merci pour votre commentaire, et oui, j adore les deux nouveaux sacs :D!

  7. larkie

    hey April, now i think i can “justify” getting the Hermes saddle, lol.

  8. larkie

    @Belle: yes, i’m rather relieved to have found these bags so i can stop calling the boutiques every few days lol. i’m sure they were fed up to hear my voice too!!

  9. gracie

    c’est très chic et belle

  10. April

    Now all you needs are the chaps to with your new ensemble! Congrats on finding the perfect combo!

  11. Belle

    Ooppss… Forgot to fill out the detail part.., it’s Belle, your ostrich Chanel stalker… LOL 😀

  12. Anonymous

    OMG! OMG! I nearly died!
    Uber gorgy! Loved your boots and I was gasping when I saw your matching bag!! Lucky girl!!
    Just LOVED the set! Now you can have a peaceful sleep as the family is reunited at last! 😉


  13. larkie

    @KL: thanks for your nice comment! i can’t wait till you get to one day open up your own black box. that feeling of euphoria doesn’t ever get old 😀

  14. larkie

    @Jel: i don’t think it’s lambskin. but ya, i love the new dustbag even if it’s a bit harder to get in and out of it. i particularly love the new box though!

  15. kl

    I am so glad you bought the cowboy bag. Your boots and this bag were destined to be together! And the red clutch is simply divine. My budget hasn’t permitted me to indulge in Chanel but I enjoy so much reading your blog and following your purchases. And I can always dream…

  16. Jelita78

    Loveeee the vintage-old-western looking leather..
    Oh gorgeous
    Is it lambskin?

    But I have to say that dust bag, me want !!
    Wish channel would do that sooner..
    Now I have to get me a new bag!

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