Missoni Shipment, Part 2

So last Friday I came home to a porch full of Missoni shipment, part 2. And by full I mean there were 5 individual boxes. Do not know why each milk crate had to be packaged individually when they all came from the same warehouse?

Looks like UPS got a heck of a workout (and payout?) on this whole Missoni/Target shipping mess! But no matter, I’m a happy camper. I’d have to say the ottoman is one of my favorite pieces so far. I’ll be spending my 14 hours on the plane tomorrow to think about how to redecorate the living room around this one piece of furniture!

BTW, instead of packing yesterday morning I was busy McGyvering that black/white zigzag Missoni tank dress into an Aline skirt–removed the straps, replaced the elastic for the waist, and voila! I’ll post that pic when I get back from my trip since I still have to break out the sewing machine to tidy up the parts.

Anyway, for now I am 98% packed and rather antsy. I’ve got a long stretch ahead of me, juggling the road with work while still battling my allergies. But I’ll be back here once I’ve reached the other side in a few days. Till then, here are some funny pics of a “canstruction” of Hello Kitty (isn’t it clever that she’s made of tuna cans!)…sigh, speaking of Hello Kitty, I have separation anxiety from my furkids already. Sure wish they were as travel friendly as I am!


  1. larkie

    Sandy! i’m definitely hoping i’ll make it to SE Asia on this trip if time permits. my parents and i are conspiring to rendezvous “somewhere” for some fresh rambuttans 😀

  2. larkie

    hi April! well, the trick is to find a job that has a lot of travel involved. but the problem, of course, is in finding enough energy to do it all since the road can take a lot out of a gal!

  3. Sandy

    Is the Hello Kitty code for you’re going to visit Asia? 😛 I grew up being a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty but it’s definitely lost a lot of that spark for me since it’s become so easy to find in the states aka Target.Growing up, it used to be such a special treat to go to Asia and find stickers, stationary, toys, etc. Safe travels! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  4. April

    OMG, woman, You are seriously obsessed! BTW, I totally love Hello Kitty; tuna cans seem quite apropo for her type of taste! LOL! Where are you going this time? How do you afford to do all this traveling and find anytime for work? I wish I knew that secret.

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