Missoni Shipment, Part 1

So remember how, on that fateful Target Tuesday, I survived the mob scene at the store then in my stupor (let’s call it my PTSD moment) ordered some more stuff online? Well, after much anticipation and anxiety over whether any of my order would get cancelled, the first box has arrived.

Let’s take a peek at what showed up in this Missoni shipment, part 1:

The black/white bath towels are definitely my fav! Super plush! The card boxes that you see there are about the same size as the media bins but they have a lid. Great storage items. I also got an email from Target that the matching milk crates have also been shipped from the Minnesota warehouse. What are the chances I’d get them here before my trip next week? Slim to none, so I suppose there will be another a Missoni-related blog entry here some time in December!

And here’s a picture of all the travel pieces I managed to get…if only I could find that suitcase, which after all would be the most useful to me. Maybe I’ll cave in and snag one from ebay!


  1. scholastican

    Tarjay trolling for trolley report — did reconn at 2 stores, no trolley sighting thus far 🙁 I did however land the exact same canvas tote you posted about as your perfect travel tote(awesome furbaby basics bag for my Maltese Lulu), and a couple of matching media storage bins. All I need are the crazy felt loop pillows and my bedroom is happy, hohoho! Tomorrow I will scour another area since I’m kinda kicking myself for letting go of the black vertically pleated maxi skirt with the signature Missoni zig zag pleated at it’s hem(still hemming and hawing at $49.99 though). Crossing my fingers for us!

  2. larkie

    oh Schol! you give me hope!!. i’ve been trolling ebay but can’t really stomach the crazy prices. my sis and friend got lucky finding stuff on a fb “locked out of Missoni” fair trade page, but no one (who’s not a reseller) really wants to mess with shipping luggage, so basically no luck for me so far. i did manage to find that zz neck pillow but didn’t use it at all on the plane lol. i’m a terrible insomniac on plane rides!

  3. scholastican

    MissL! I just had to share with ya since I know of no other enthusiast. Please don’t hate me…but I found the carryon suitcase today! It was sheer dumb luck. I confess my family has an unhealthy addiction to Target popcorn, and a lazy Sunday afternoon popcorn run to my local store 5 min away proved futile since the popcorn machine was broken. Daughter and I drove to the next nearest one, et voila! The(9.4 lbs, 44 in. total) carryon suitcase was just sitting there in all its black and white zig-zagged glory. I’m really excited since I previously purchased the matching neck pillow and sleep mask =) Anyhoo, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for another one for ya anytime I troll the Missoni section of any Target I happen to be in from hereon in. Stay away from evil bay! =P

  4. larkie

    ^yeah, i’m pretty miffed by the resellers myself but ebay might be my only chance to get that carryon suitcase 🙁

  5. Lisa

    Ah, Missoni. I also went to the store at opening time, but I wasn’t aggressive enough, and the ONE item I wanted was sold out. I’m refusing to buy on ebay, though, after seeing the frenzy of resellers in the store.

  6. vikianderson

    ^ ^ me too :'(

  7. Ruthless

    Sigh. I wish we had Target in Canada. You are so lucky

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