So, have you all recovered from Storm Missoni? When I last wrote you, the Target site had a meltdown and their Facebook page was full of unhappy shoppers, especially those who felt this collaboration was their one shot at owning a piece of Missoni. Orders were cancelled, delayed, or lost. Over 34,000 pieces of merchandise then showed up on ebay to further feed the frenzied masses. So a technical disaster on the distribution side combined with capitalistic resellers made for an interesting few days. Fortunately for me, my online order is being filled, albeit literally one item at a time. I think we all got free shipping from Target, and I can only imagine what a nightmare it must be for them to have to send out multiple packages to each customer. Rough lessons for all around.

But I’m happy to report that the tiny zigzag comforter/shams set I got looks fab in my bedroom. I almost have the Italian vibe going on in there, but I’m still miles behind Rachel Zoe in Missoni’ing my abode! And here’s a shot of of one of the media bins mixed in with my Liberty for Target bins on my desk at home:

This weekend I went trolling through a few Targets for returns and found some leggings and these adorable ballerina flats for Lil A (can feet be this small!)…

but the whole time I’m thinking I’m sooo over this. I can’t bear looking at another empty Missoni shelf! And that’s mostly because my head is already churning over a rather long upcoming trip that will probably span two very different continents. Where does the packing even start for significant climate changes! Well, I think I will begin the traveling wardrobe with this Balenciaga Day bag in anthracite…

which actually started with the matching bracelet you saw in the first photo. Now if I can only figure out what shoes to pack…


  1. April

    So over the Missoni madness! Got what I wanted and am DONE. I did cave a purchase a few things on evilbay, but when they arrive, I remind myself that this stuff is cheap. Oh well…….C’est la vie. On another subject, purchased a plain black tote from Dooney & Bourke, and have to say that for $250, IMHO it’s complete crap! It looks like one of those free totes with purchase. Don’t know what they were thinking in this design. Back it goes. Hopefully, the Rebecca Minkoff isn’t also a big disappointment. I so hate having to return items. I have to then admit to DH that I bought them in the first place. Ugh. 🙁

  2. viki anderson

    OMG *L* those Missoni ballet flats in the Missoni shoe box are just adorable! love the leather on your anthra too, great Bal leather is getting harder to find 🙁 xx

  3. Lani

    Oh I LOVE the anthra!!! That is just gorgeous! And you have the cuff to match, hehe.

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