Missoni Confessions

I have some Missoni confessions to make. All told, I actually hit 4 Targets yesterday, not to mention a little damage online when the Target site finally resuscitated itself. If I don’t have to set foot inside another Target for three more years I think I’d be OK. But I’ve sorted through my loot and, as promised, here are the modeling shots of the ones that made the short list. Sizing is a bit inconsistent so I’ll indicate which is which. Overall, the quality is akin to the M Missoni line but the general aesthetic is true to the main orange line.

These first two tops are from the girls’ collection. Lil A has the poncho and so does her mom, so I thought why not triplets for the next photo op in NYC? But I’m actually not sure this will ever see the light of day–it is an XL:

I actually love this hoodie cardi; it’s a size L and it fits ok if I leave it unzipped. I found it in XL online so we’ll see how the sizes compare when that gets here:

The next ones are from the women’s line, all size XS. The first cardi is a sparkly one with lurex thread very typical of their main orange label line:

I think this lightweight blue cardi will look cute over a sundress:

These are silky pajama pants that might double as palazzo pants under one of my black slinky Missoni sweaters:

This is the sundress I saw from the door as I was waiting in line yesterday morning–it will definitely require alterations so I don’t have to pinch it in from the back as I’m doing here:

Finally, this last pic captures the extent of my zigzag obsession…who would ever want to match a shirt with a serving plate?!


  1. larkie

    hi everyone! thanks for your comments and i’m very happy to hear about some of your scores!

    Lindsay: I did see the b/w bike at one of the stores but it was their bolted down display one. It was so fab, but I couldn’t pull the trigger at $400!!

  2. Lindsay K

    You wear it so well! I love the cardigan! I’ve never been a huge fan of Missoni- something about it doesn’t look right on me…

    I thought about going to the pop up store in NY, but I got tied up at work. I was head over heels for that bike it looked wonderful.

  3. Anonymous

    Larkie, I was able to get the silk pants TODAY in NYC. I could not believe myself. So much for telling everyone that I’m not a fan of Missoni until I saw you with those silk pants. I went to Target to pick up house hold stuff; not expecting anything to find Missoni. Then, I found size large silk pants so I took it. DH was like “really? Women, it’s too big on you”. I was like “I’m fat this fits me loose”. This went on for awhile and I decided that I better not take it as it was too big. As I was walking around mopping, I saw the pants in sales rack from the corner of my eyes. I run to the rack and it happens to be size M. I could live with size M as I’m not that small in my hip area (lol). Sorry for the long post. I just want to Thank You for inspiring us to those who are not a big Missoni fans. Now I want the dress, and top!!!!

  4. Justine

    I so wish I got the lurex cardi now I’ve seen your modeling pic!

  5. Anonymous

    Everything looks great! thanks for sharing the info with us!!

  6. SL

    Loving what you’ve got so far!

  7. d

    I’ve never been much of a Missoni fan til you modeled the hoodie and the cardi (the first of the 2 wins my vote)! Great scores! Rock them girlie!!! Well worth the hectic LA traffic.

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