The Ultimate Travel Bag

It seems like with every trip I try a different bag in the hope of anointing it as the Ultimate Travel Bag. I’ve tried pretty much everything under the sun, of all sizes, shapes, and price points…to no avail. But a recent score from sale season may have changed all of that.

I actually stumbled into finding this Chanel bag by ordering one for a friend from overseas without the benefit of even a picture or style number to research; we were only given the dimensions and fabric (black or gray denim) and she was game enough to take her chances that it’d work out. When her bag arrived, I knew I had to scramble for one of my own. As much as I love her gray one, I think the black version is definitely more me:

It is super lightweight, can be worn messenger style when I’m darting through airports, and can hold all of my essentials (even my laptop):

Can’t wait to test drive it on the next trip. Love the quilted flap and bordeaux nylon lining!


  1. Anonymous

    Nevermind. I called BG and they are sold out 🙁
    At 700+ it was a steal!

  2. larkie

    i believe the bag was 1650. i know it also comes in washed caviar leather for a bit more.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank so much. I called Chanel trying to describe the bag and they said they do not have any more in stock. I’ve seen some on Ebay but would like to ask how much you paid for yours. This seem like it would be the perfect travel / mommy bag.

  4. larkie

    The style number is 11P A48617Y07034. Hope that helps!

  5. Anonymous

    larkie – what is the name of that bag? or do you have the style number you can share?

  6. larkie

    I got this bag from Bergdorf Goodman, but i believe some of the other dept stores also ordered it in different colors/fabrics. GL on your search!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing – I want the bag the minute I saw the picture. Would you please tell me where can I get the denim bag?

  8. larkie

    ^oh what a cool shape! i’ve not had any time to go check it out in person but maybe this weekend…

  9. Venusmoon

    Hi, i have not gotten my sling being that it was a display piece, so I can’t post a pic for you. Here’s a link I found….check out
    When I first saw this pic, I didnt quite like it.
    But I was surprised when I felt it… its light and feels like the kind that you can rough it out.

  10. larkie

    ^i wish i had a pic of your bag! sounds so fabu!!

  11. Venusmoon

    Oops…I posted twice!

  12. Venusmoon

    One more thing I like about that sling bag from Chanel liberty is that the zipper that goes around the front flap opens up to a deep compartment which is good for keeping important stuff…keeps the pickpockets away!

  13. Anonymous

    One more thing of that bag….the zip that goes around the front flap opens up to a deep compartment which is really good for keeping important stuff…keeps pickpockets away!

  14. larkie

    ^uh oh, now i have to go check out that sling travel bag for myself!!

  15. Anonymous

    I took a trip to the boutique to try the chanel liberty bowler bag, nay it’s way too big so it will be too heavy to hand-carry.then I tried the garment bag, nay too! It sags really bad at the sides, out of shape. Lastly, I tried the sling travel bag which can be worn cross body and bingo…I got my ultimate travel bag too! They have 2 the small one that fits my iPad. Oh..the extension on the base of the bag was a bonus!

  16. Yeecin

    Lovely Choice! I too often wonder which would be the best bag for traveling. I normally reach out to Balenciaga twiggy when I am on the road but some holidays (when they are not A LOT of activity going on) I use the jumbo. I know I probably don’t baby it like a lot of others but I find it sooo durable, after so many trips it was never scratched or hurt. However, I have to say sometimes it can be heavy that’s y i keep thinking to get the 2.55 😉

  17. larkie

    SL: i guess we shall see when we test our bags lol!

  18. larkie

    Nelah: ya i wish i had this bag while i was still in school!!

  19. larkie

    Anonymous: i’m actually quite smitten with the coated canvas garment bag (shown at the chanel site) but am not sure how heavy/cumbersome it is to carry since it seems to only have the handles and not a messenger strap…but it does look chic!

  20. SL

    I think this CAN be the ultimate travel bag!

  21. Nelah

    These Chanel bags are very nice, very different from most Chanel bags I have seen. Seems very practical for work and play.

  22. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing! I am looking for my ultimate travel bag too! and I would have made the same choice if I too can find your bag. I need your opinion here….what do you think of the Chanel Liberty coated canvas travel bag in the latest fall/winter 2011? Tia!

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