Matching For Dummies

Remember those yellow covered books–Photoshop For Dummies, Dating For Dummies, et al? I know, we all laugh about them and deny ever flipping through them, but when I’m in my closet I secretly wish for such a handbook on how to match accessories to clothes. I don’t mean I don’t know better than to wear orange with black except for Halloween, but as I’ve lamented here before, I have a mental block when it comes to matching things already in the “same” shade.

May I introduce Exhibit A: dark silver shoes and a dark silver clutch…no brainer, so you’d think…

but looky there, what’s going on with the brassy/gold tone behind the metal flowers as seen up close? It’s sort of like that age-old question of whether we should wear gold and silver jewelry together, isn’t it?

But since it’s hard to really see that when you’re looking at my shoes from all the way up there, I think it’s a safe match. Now let’s throw in Exhibit B, an extra layer of matching difficulty in the form of my recently featured dream jacket:

No problemo, you say. The gold crystal trims play up the gold in the shoes. Nice going.

Uh huh. And what if we throw in that clutch that seemed to match from before?

Is it just me or is something off here? So here is where I wish I could go straight to my Matching For Dummies book for some advice. Maybe it’s a case of too many textures clamoring for attention? Maybe it’s all the bling that’s blinding me so I can’t tell if it really matches or not? Why does that clutch now look purply? And while we’re at it, why do I buy stuff like this when I usually just wear black!? I’m like a Jil Sander person buying Cavalli clothes. Madness!

Anyway, I try a different shade of silver on the bag,

which seems to match more tonally…BUT:

oops, did I forget to tell you that there’s even more bling on the front of this bag :D? Even Michael Jackson himself wouldn’t pile this much bling into one look. I think I’ll just carry keys and phone in my pocket, leave both bags behind, and call it a day.


  1. larkie

    I just heard about a poss Sept hike but not sure. the last hike was enough to stop me from getting any more flaps (classics/2.55) anyway 🙁

  2. Yeecin

    I’d really love to get a 2.55 apparently it’s the matte blak calf leather. Unfortunately I missed put before the price hike now it’s like 2820 euros 🙁 I nearly screamed when I hear te new price. Not sure if they’ll increase price again but my SA hasnt heard any rumours but u never know. Do u think is a bit silly to get it now or should I just get a preloved one?

    The classic would have better value as an investment piece right?

  3. larkie

    Jel & April: you guys wanna come over and help me mix and match? i see so many industry wives in this town blinged out from head to toe (on top of the massive salon tan) and i def do NOT want to look like that lol!

  4. larkie

    i don’t think the reissues really lose their shape with use–i’ve not had that problem in any size. but i do agree that the smaller the bag, the more rigid/structured it seems for some reason.

  5. yeecin

    wow, thanks Larkie,

    I am about to purchase the 225 matte balck with ghw, distressed leather, I think the size is perfect for me, iv heard it is the similar size as the medium classic flap, if this is true, it is defo enough for me. Coz when I went into the botique, I was going to purchase the 226 but it just looks average compare to the beautiful 225, 225 seems to be more… structured? I dunno if it is right for me to say but the 226 looks very flat when it is empty, im afraid it would lose its shape in the future?

  6. larkie

    ^Y, you know, if you can find the 225 you should get it. that’s the one “mini” i wish i had bought before the last price hike. if you can fit all your basics in a 225 i’d go for it because as much as i love the 226 size, even that bag gets heavy after a long day! the 225 is also easy to transition from day to night.

    have you tried putting in your essentials in both the 225 and 226? maybe that would help you decide on the size.

    between distressed black and patent black, hands down for me it’s the former (patent is gorgy in pics but in reality not easy to wear IMO). on my wish list right now is the 225 matte black with ghw!!

  7. yeecin

    Love your blog, lol, I find myself visit your page a few times every week:). Im here today to asking for some advises. LOL I was too slow to grab anything before the price hike 🙁 now, I really really want to purchase that 225 (in 226 size) i was hoping to get all the time. I went into the dublin botique yesterday i somehow had a change of mind very suddenly, I thought the 225 is much cuter and nicer shape than 226? what do you think? If i find the jumbo classic flap is too big for me, would the 225 fits the daily essentail perfectly?

    I know the most people probably would say go for the 226, what do you think? I used to love big bags but now i just carry the absolute essentials for work and shopping etc.

    Also what do you think about the black patent 226 with SHW? I had that shown to me in the botique which further confused m e 🙁 anyhow, I can only purchase one for now. its among the black distressed 225 reissue with ghw (aged?), the black distressed 226 with ghw and the black patent 226 with SHW. which one should I go for?

    :0 ) thank you for your help 🙂 and greetings from Ireland!

  8. April

    Stick with the silver/gray flap and forget that clutch. The jacket, shoes and any more bling is TOO much, but you already know that I suspect. I agree with above poster: make the jacket the bling, pair with simple so it will be THE bling in the room and keep shoes/bag simple. Then when you want to wear the shoes and bag bling (yes, the really blingy one), keep the dress simple. That way yours shoes and bag get the party and the outfit stays on the low down. Easy-peasy, Missy.

  9. Jelita78

    Oh my..
    U do need that book, dont cha?
    Well, let me know when u managed to find one.

    IMO, the dream jacket is such a dreamy that u actually dont need to match it with any.. Really..
    Just pair it with a black boots and black chanel flap with gold hw (better match with the jacket gold trimmings).
    And the late MJ will weep with proud!

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