Skirt #1

My daily outfits consist of pants about 90% of the time. It’s rare that you’ll see me in a skirt or dress unless I have a meeting or event that requires it. And yet every season, for quite some time now, I collect Chanel skirts. They don’t always come as a matching item to my jackets, but there’s something so effortless and timeless about these skirts that I’d rather “invest” my money here than with their more glamorous competitors. So anyway, I thought why not do a series of looks with 5 random (not in any particular order of preference) Chanel skirts just to break up the August heat…which doesn’t make a great deal of sense in immediate hindsight as I type this sentence because the tweeds are hotter than a Texas sun. But what the heck, let’s get started with the first skirt!

Skirt #1: I’m posting this entry on a Monday, so I’m going to feature a work look. It’s a black & navy ribbon tweed skirt from the 09A season with hidden pockets. I’m crazy about how uncomplicated this style is so that it’s all about the fabric–and the fact that it could support a navy or black scheme, depending on what you wear with it. Chanel does black and navy almost as fabulously as with black and white.

To keep it simple, some of the tops that I could pair with this skirt are a blue-themed Etro button down,

a navy Prada cotton top which comes back in style every so often whenever chinoiserie is in,

or a navy with black details silk JCrew top,

For transitioning to a night event from work, I could just change into a black tuxedo shirt, throw on some really good jewelry and a clutch and I’m all set to go.

Anyway, here’s my favorite look for this skirt–just a plain navy cotton button-down JCrew shirt, Tahitian pearls, and pale gator classic flap (shoes are 3″ black peep-toe slingbacks):

I know, I know, I just made it all about the bag again, didn’t I :D? How ’bout another gratuitous shot of those gator scales for the road?


  1. yeecin

    Hi L,
    It will be very useful for me if you can make an entry on the comparison, and put it side by side, I had a really hard time to decide whether I keep the 2.55 in small or exchange for the medium and large version last night. The small fits all my daily essentials perfectly BUT somehow last night at home, i feel the small is too small on my big frame:( im over 5’9′ and not skinny neither. I feel so confused and sad as i thought the small is perfect 🙁 i think i shall make a trip to the boutique this sat. i will ring them to check out if they still have it in medium and large in stock….

  2. larkie

    lol, i know, hard to notice anything else when there’s a gator flap around.

    Y:congrats on landing the 2.55 in small. i just got one in the 225 size myself and will post comparison pics in the next entry! i think you’ll love yours, too.

    i’ve not done a total count recently (i try to stick to the one-in-one-out rule) but let’s say it’s too many!!! too bad they keep releasing new temptations!

  3. yeecin

    Love that flap! Love the colour!

    I just purcahsed my 2.55 in small, I hope it will be the prefect size and now I am looking at the XL size… Oh my, damn addictive! L, I always want to ask how many chanel bags you have in total?

  4. Jelita78

    Damnnn that Gator flap !!!

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