Small, Medium Or Large

I don’t know what you’ll all be doing on September 13, but I’ll be the crazy one running through Target sweeping anything Missoni into my shopping cart. Get out of my way, people!! Cannot wait for this collaboration to get on the road!

There are about 88 looks out of 400 (!) at this link. Is it crazy that I want those zigzag shorts to wear while riding the Missoni bike and then come home and nap inside the cool wavy blanket? Umbrellas! Laptop covers! Dishes! I may need a Valium the night before to calm myself down :D.  Or, I could wait to take it the day after while drinking from my Missoni glass!

But today’s post is really about the Chanel “reissue” flaps. A dear reader had asked for comparisons on the various sizes of my 2.55 collection while she’s debating which size suits her best. And to tell the truth, I love them all, small, medium, or large.

They all serve different functions, depending on how much I need to carry with me and what time of the day I’m using the bag. Even with the small (black) one that’s my most recent buy, I can fit a small wallet, phone, keycase, and lipgloss. With the large size, I could also fit my eyeglasses and flat makeup case. BTW, did you see the Missoni makeup bags at that link above? I die!

So dear reader, I’m afraid I can’t really help you decide which size is best for you, because as you can see, I once posed the same questions before I bought my first 2.55 flap. It turned out to be the medium (226) size, but the real answer is that I ended up saving up my cents to come back for the other sizes.

And the real sad truth is that the XS size is still calling my name. I’m not quite done yet…


  1. Yeecin

    L!I’m trying to over come the strap issue with GST. Maybe tight the straps tougher will help. The SA told me that a bit of weight will help as well.I’m not sure tho.
    The reissue 226 defo the right size. I love love love it. I still love the small one pity I’m not skinny enough to carry it:( maybe if miracle happens I lost tons of weight I’ll get a 225 some stage.not sure if I’d go for the 227 tho.sizewise it’s too similar as the jumbo flap.I’m trying to keep each chanel for different tasks so I don’t end up bankcrupt lol

  2. larkie

    Hi Y! i like the GST very much but it never worked for me–the straps with the shoulder rest just don’t stay on my shoulder at all. i wish they made the GST with just the plain chain.

    as for the flap, i think given your height (lucky girl!) the medium makes sense. eventually you’ll have the large…these bags should come with a warning about addiction lol!

  3. Yeecin

    Hi L:) thank u so much for posting this entry!I went back to the boutique eventually exchanged my small to medium which is slightly bigger than my daily requirement but looks better on my height. I loved the large one but had my eye on GST. So got the medium and a GST very happy with the reissue. Start wondering if GST is a wise buy lol. Having a headache try to figure out to return the GST or not lol….

  4. larkie

    ^yes, the the xs would be the “224” size. i def love the 2.55/reissue flaps more than the classic flaps!

  5. Venusmoon

    When you said 2.55 XS, do you mean the mini?? Oh….its tdf! I am so in love with 2.55s. My first was the 227, then i got the rest of the sizes and a couple of minis, which is my favorite size! Its my travel cum shopping cum clubbing

  6. Eileen

    that 06 matte gold is so precious!!!! can still rem you writing about

  7. larkie

    SL: we are so dead! first KL for macys then missoni? who has time to sleep!

  8. larkie

    ^mouhahaha, are you saying i shouldn’t get the zizag harem pants? lol. as for the bag, you might have to fight off my 3 nieces first :D!

  9. Jelita78

    Absolutely shouldn’t mix that valium and missoni together.
    U might end up wih the zigzag pants and bra tops instead! Bwahahaha!

    Btw, if u ever by any chance feel like u’ve got too much reissue black with ghw there, just to let u know that i dont have any hence would love to take the weight off u :p

  10. SL

    I think you have to hire a helper and hire a truck on Sept 13!

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