How To Make A Camellia

I’ve written about my virtual bff in Kuala Lumpur before, and in today’s post she’s letting me share some of her photos from a recent event at the Chanel boutique in Malaysia where artisans showed customers how to make a camellia:

Apparently it wasn’t as simple as it looked to put the petals together…

but at least everyone got to go home with the real deal in the gift bag, a camellia brooch:

Unfortunately this event is only coming to the boutiques in Malaysia and China this year. Sigh. These are the events for which I wish I had a teleporter; I would have been there to make a camellia that afternoon and back by dinnertime to feed my furkids.


  1. larkie

    ^ :O she didn’t tell me they were also demonstrating how to make a couture dress! oh i wish i could have been there!

  2. wong shan ty

    I was there too, L! they demonstrated how they make a couture dress, a model shoes and of course camilia flower. So precious. Love the French experts and their language too hahaha. And i was very thrilled to receive the camellia pin as the door gift. I post some of the photos on my FB hehehe, too bad i didt get to meet your BFF.

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