The Gatekeeper

Last night I was reading an old (2010) article in Vogue about how the retail industry would have to adapt not just to an online presence but more specifically to reaching customers via their smart phones. That tiny mobile device is now the ultimate gatekeeper to a buyer’s wallet.

How timely that I read this–albeit 9 months later–because earlier this week, while I was telling myself that I was finally ready to put the summer sales behind me to focus on the fall collections, I received an email on my phone from a sweet friend (I shall leave “J” nameless but she knows who she is!) as she was blowing through the Vegas Chanel boutiques. She said that she’d just seen a sweatshirt in my size on sale at the Wynn and thought of me.

Toggling from her email, I scrolled through my contact list and connected with said boutique. The next day I received an email of the tracking information for the package and was able to basically follow the package as it made its way to me…all from my phone.

There are several apps (Chanel, Gucci, etc.) on my phone that give me the latest updates as new collections are revealed on the runway. Great diversion to fight boredom while waiting for the plane or dentist. I also a have a few apps (Netaporter, Gilt, Amazon, etc.) that allow me to buy directly from the vendors. Much more dangerous diversion! For the most part, however, I am still very old school even if technology is at my disposal. I prefer to simply get texts with pictures from my favorite sales associates. All I have to do is reply “yes” and voilà, the gatekeeper steps aside…and hello, Mr. Fedex!


  1. larkie

    ^ ya, i was so excited to find it on sale. thank goodness for my friends/enablers who shop with me in mind lol!

    on those apps that i referenced, they do include sale stuff. you can find them both online and on phone apps. technology makes it so easy to spend money!!

  2. Jelita78

    Thats on sale??? Arrrrkkkkkk
    Does it come in my size 40??
    What apps are u talking about here?
    There’s an apps about sale??
    Oh larkie spit it all out puhlesseee!!!

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