Remember how the world was “supposed” to end last month…but we’re still here? Well, something worse is actually happening to LA this weekend. It’s Carmageddon. That’s right, this weekend the already congested 405 freeway will close some of its sections on the Westside for infrastructure improvements. Pity the poor souls who booked their vacations months ago and who will now get the real taste of living with traffic in LA.

It’s a good time to not be in LA, or if you are already here, to find a way to stay in. I think it’s a great excuse to not go shopping this weekend and just play in my closet instead. So starting with today’s entry I’ll be posting an outfit a day with some recent finds.

In this matchy-matchy ensemble with the Chanel slides I recently scored, I’m featuring the beige claire jumbo flap and a matte pailletes tank I got from JCrew last week during their summer sale. I love anything with black and beige almost as much as black and white. I’ll be wearing this outfit with my skinny capri jeans to dinner.


  1. larkie

    ^Tabitha, that beige claire is caviar. i actually prefer how the lambskins look to caviar, since the colors are always so much more saturated, but i always go for the more practical caviar buys!

  2. larkie

    ^D, i love the Jackie cardigans, too. so many colors every season lol!

  3. Tabitha

    Wow, the J Crew tank works perfectly with the Chanel shoes and bag, do you have the lambskin? I curse myself for buying that, I’m always mollycoddling my Chanel bags.

  4. d

    I’m not looking for to this weekend. Ha! Crank up the A/C and play in my closet as well. 🙂

    I’ve been away from JCrew for awhile and returned with fresh eyes and puppy-dog love! My fave staple: the Jackie Cardigan!

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