4th Of July

I love the 4th of July because even the moniker “Independence Day” is such a call to action. The legacy of this young country that I now embrace as my own is that we get to take freedom as a given. Every day that we wake up, freedom awaits us. There’s no greater luxury than that.

Not that it should ever be taken for granted, but the very fact that we do feel somewhat entitled to freedom while going about with our lives, unhindered by having to watch what we say or do as if our lives depended on our actions, is a true testament to all the sacrifices that have been made for our independence. So on this day, I’m going to celebrate my freedom as if my life depended on it :D.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


  1. larkie

    are you getting warm weather up where you are? could you please send some rain our way? my Fourth was so warm it was hard to want to go anywhere!

  2. April

    Same to you, and you’re right: we who have lived here our entire lives do take it for granted. We shouldn’t. Hope you enjoyed yourself in something red, white and blue. I have no doubt that you looked “sparkling!”

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