Jeweled Gladiator

I’ve been telling myself that I need to get out of my rut and start wearing heels more often…as a way to improve my posture. I know, that makes not much sense because most podiatrists would tell you that high heeled shoes were invented by men with fetishes and not much concern for health since they get to enjoy the view without having to endure the pain.

Not that I slouch much, but sneakers and flat sandals tend to make me dress more casually, and for some reason, that seems to encourage a less than perfect posture. With heels, I am forced to stand up straight and take more deliberate strides–if just to avoid a full face plant. I feel more vulnerable while tottering in them and at the same time more confident because with the few extra inches I’m able to make more eye contact than before. It’s quite an interesting dichotomy.

But as you can see, this summer sale season I’ve scored more in the lower-heeled spectrum than the other end. I think it’s mostly because my pain threshold for uncomfortable (read: skyscraper) shoes is very low these days. The knees and shins aren’t what they used to be. Plus, just look at that pair of heavily jeweled gladiator flats…I could wear these for miles and not have to worry once about falling down.


  1. larkie

    Jel: can you see there are buckles on each side of the foot? pretty nifty!

    April: gah, can you spare me a couple of inches from your legs so i can graft them to mine? lol

  2. April

    I agree: I have so many CLs that just sit in the closet being neglected. I love and live in flats; hey, they’re comfy. And anything jeweled, well let’s just admit it: ooohhh shiney, pretty wins over any old time. But there are times I wear 4″ wedges which are easy to walk in and then I tower over other people. 116 lbs. and 6′-1″ with heels – yeah, I own the room in those moments! LOL!!

  3. Jelita78

    Now this i want !!
    Definitely worth buying!

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