Another Look

So continuing with the black/beige theme and rather warm weather, I’m featuring another casual look in today’s entry: ivory herringbone linen JCrew pants, Allsaints Spitalfields black top with leather harness, and Chanel camellia slides and mini “Bubble Quilt” flap…

I’m currently mad for Allsaints Spitalfields, a chain started in the UK–here’s one of its London locations:

But regardless of the city, you can always tell you are at Allsaints because of all the antique sewing machines lined up in their stores. So here’s another look at that top–the funky harness seems to go well with the distressed hardware on my bag:


  1. yeecin

    Love Allsaints, very unique!

  2. larkie

    ^actually i think this might be an 09 bag? the chain is def long enough for me to wear crossbody–in fact too long for me to wear just over the shoulder!

  3. wong shan ty

    hi L, Good day to you, i love this mini “Bubble Quilt” flap…is it the latest collection ? i am not aware they have this in mini, can you wear it as crossbody style?

  4. Angie

    I simply love your outfits! Classy yet flirty.

    Love the Allsaints store in Santa Monica! They have the quirkiest things sometimes…including the beautiful vintage sewing machines.

  5. larkie

    ya, i really should learn to incorporate more color into my outfits. i seem to be stuck in my black uniforms!

  6. jelita78

    LOVE it!
    still i think u need a pop of colour.
    the louboutin red wedges perhaps?

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