Birds Of A Feather

Maybe it has to do with my name, but I love anything related to birds, flight, and plumes. In my next life I’d like to be either a Russian supermodel (it’s probably the only way I’d know Russian) or a robin because either way, I’d get to fly a lot and maybe see even more of the world than I’ll get to in this lifetime. Speaking of birds and feathers, today I’m featuring pieces from the Chanel 11P season that included a few special plumed pieces. The first is a vest with longish ostrich feathers…

it’s a funky look to go under the matching jacket, but for me the selling point is actually the killer hardware over the shoulder:

The second piece, which was actually brought to my attention by my friend M who has a very keen eye for fashion, is a sparkly tweed of whimsical spring colors (it totally shimmers in person!) trimmed by shorter and detachable ostrich feathers:

I don’t know, when I put this skirt on, I want to sashay to the point of dusting a table with the feathers :D. No, seriously, it’s just the perfect, quirky skirt that can be worn a million ways. Here’s just one permutation, with my ivory Prada silk top:

Birds of a feather have to stick together so I’m pairing this look with my ostrich flap:

I don’t have shoes to go with that ensemble though…so back to the drawing board!


  1. larkie

    ^i’ve not really been a fan of the JM bags, though this coming season they are releasing some nice colors. i think i’m just not responding to the shape of the bag for some reason! for me, my two favorite silhouettes for chanel bags would be the 2.55 flap (reissue) and cerf tote.

  2. Anonymous

    Really love your Chanel taste. Love everything you have. So I want you hear you opinion about JM Bag. Didn’t see you own any. Do you like it at all? What size your prefer or material?

  3. Kk

    Such a gorgeous skirt. Nude color pair of shoes, perhaps…

  4. Jelita78

    Somehow that prada shimmers too much

    Hmm.. Hows this; pair it up with a subtle white jcrew tops
    And a white peep toe/ slingback pumps.

    Do u think u can fly in that??

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