One-Two Punch

Long days and short deadlines make a killer one-two punch when you’re also trying to update your blog. But in spite of all the busy stuff, I can always make time for a quick text or call from someone who prefaces the communication with “guess what I found on sale for you…”

No, I wasn’t really looking for black patent, but these Gucci skyscrapers were at such an unbelievable price that I”ll just have to figure out how to walk in them later!

Now if only I can find the perfect pair of nude slingbacks on sale then I’d be all set…


  1. Jelita78

    Somehow that angry shark slip on looks wayyy comfy and inviting to wear…
    Please make a post on “how-to-succesfully-walk-in-this-gucci-for-30-minutes” once u have succeeded!

  2. d

    Luv the sky high tributes 105 too but too wobbly on them. I need me a 80 taupe! But the nude comes first!

  3. larkie

    anon: i think the bq minis were around 2600ish back in the day!

  4. larkie

    D, i am totally dying for the YSL Tribute closed-toe platform slingbacks in a nude beige color. right now they only have the dark nude so fingers crossed eventually they’ll make them in the right shade!!

  5. anon

    hellow may i know how much is the chanel bubble quilt bag?

  6. d

    OMG! You and me both on the quest for the ultimate nude heels! Alert me when you do! Us petite gals need all the help we can get! I’m loving those Guccis too; work it!!!!!

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