So Wrong

This is so wrong…am I right? But is it wrong that I got almost all the permutations from this collection, or is it wrong that I didn’t get all of them :D?

In my defense, I will probably make very good use out of all these shoes for a long time, and the fact that they match pretty much everything in my closet, I won’t have to buy (Chanel) shoes again for a while. Plus sales stuff is harder and harder to come by anymore in my size.

What, no? Not buying my rationalizations?

But the camellias are so cute, how could I refuse?


  1. Elle

    Your collection is amazing! I had lusted after the beige flats myself but couldn’t find it after it had gone on sale. A job well done!

  2. Katherine

    Larkie I love them! You are going to get so much use out of these 🙂

  3. d

    This beautiful pinwheel gets my stamp of approval! Glad to see the Dr. Scholl’s are nowhere in sight! HA!!! Happy 4th!

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