Musée De La Vie Rurale En Wallonie

One of the more interesting museums I visited this past month was the open-air Musée de la vie rurale en Wallonie. It is a remarkable compound in Saint-Hubert, on a nature reserve, consisting of original and reproduced structures representing provincial, rural life in 18th and 19th century Belgium. This area is referred to as Fourneau St. Michel and there are other museums nearby as well.

Inside each building you could get a glimpse of precursors to Whole Foods…


and Saks shoe department…

As expected, there are no McMansions here. Houses used to be small yet efficient…how did women live without walk-in closets back then?

A few of my favorites are this schoolhouse and chapel:

Do you wonder where they parked their rides?

I’ve always wanted to convert a large barn into a house…wonder if they’d sell this one to me:


  1. larkie

    hi D! i just adore “living” museums where history comes to life for me. but for sure, i’m don’t think i’d survive living in the 1800s. lol!

  2. Donna

    Hi Larkie! You visit some of the most awesome and unusual places. I love the precursor references. I totally see the link. We need to see some more action photos of you and Chanel too!

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