My Last Hurrah

While I was overseas last month, there was a furious flurry of rumors about yet another price hike chez Chanel…and a significant one at that. By the time I left Europe the price increase had already happened in Asia and Canada. And as of June 1 in the US, a jumbo flap bag that had already jumped to a whopping $3700 (granted, it came with a new double flap) earlier this year from $2995 is now…drum roll please…$4300. I remember when it was painful at $1695! And all these increases have happened only within the last few years without any significant change to the original design or quality. How’s that for brand power?

With every impending price hike, there’s an irresistible pull to get just one more before it becomes ridiculous, and therein lies the marketing logic behind such hikes. But at some point, whatever that may be for each of us, the numbers stop making sense. I believe I’ve reached that limit. My jumbo collecting is officially finished.

But I did say jumbo, didn’t I?

So my last hurrah in the world of Chanel handbags? An olive green mini classic flap that I finally managed to track down before the June deadline, not just because the marketing wizards worked their magic …

but because these shoes need a mate:

And no, I did not get two pairs of the same shoes. One is leather and the other suede. I know, I can rationalize just about anything 😀 .


  1. Anonymous

    It is A$4650 inc. GST now…so the DF price will be approx. 4200~~~But the color is really gorgeous I have to say~~~~:(

  2. larkie

    ^Sabrina: yes, it’s the vert fonce from 2011P. i was also considering the woc in case this mini didn’t come through, but i am glad i found her!! congrats on your woc as well 😀 .

  3. larkie

    Kk: the mini was 2200; i’m not sure if it also saw a price increase on june 1.

  4. Sabrina

    Gorgeous! Is this Dark Green/Vert Fonce? I just got a WOC in that color and am ecstatic. I’ve been contemplating a mini too they are so cute!

    Congrats and it looks great with your shoes.

  5. Kk

    Such an unique color. May I ask how much is the mini bag?

  6. Piggychopper

    What a beauty, the Green is very unique. The price over here is super insane now, not sure if there will be a day that i can afford another 1.

  7. Sophia

    I got the black cavier gold hardware Jumbo and seasonal piece – lavender color classic in medium size in lambskin 🙂 I love your mini flap! I wish the strap for mini flat comes longer cause I think it’d be really cute to wear as cross-bag…

  8. larkie

    ^hi S! which bags did you get!! i believe the prices have gone up pretty much everywhere by now. i just wish i hadn’t sold off some of mine now that the prices are so high 🙁

  9. Sophia

    Sorry I forgot to write my name! Above post is by me 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Hey L,
    Did the price increase in Europe too?
    I made two impulse chanel bag purchases at Heathrow airport in April… and in hindsight I’m so glad I did!! But you are right, I’m thinking now I should have bought more!

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