Going Overboard With Calypso

It’s not the jet lag, double/triple security checkpoints at the airports, or even unpacking dirty laundry that bring you back to reality pronto after a long trip to Lalaland. It’s more about remembering where you put your car key or what your PIN number is at the gas station. That and going through a mile-high pile of mail (both snail and the electronic kind) to remind me that this life here in LA didn’t stop while I was wheezing through Europe.

Anyway, that’s my excuse for not showing up here in over a week. But give me a few days to catch up and I’ll have more stories from the road.

So, you ask, what was the first thing that I did upon coming home? Besides going through a few packages of goodies that were sent (I’ll post about these later as well) during my absence, I decided to see if I still remembered how to drive by heading to the nearest Target. But can you blame me? I’d been hearing from my friends about the Calypso collaboration at Target since May 1, didn’t want to have to order online while overseas, so I was giddy to go see the products in person.

But the giddiness turned into frustration as most of the cute dresses were sold out (and only petite sizes are available online) and I had to hit 3 stores to find the above elephant teapots. I think I stood there dazed and confused for ten minutes, unable to decide if the coral-pink one was cuter than the blue (I think that was really just a case of jetlag finally hitting me) and realized for $12.99 a piece I could get both :D! I also went home with two pairs of batik flipflops…

and then went online to order a few clothing items. When they arrive, I’ll do a review here. So definitely no going overboard with Calypso as I did with the Liberty collab last year. But I hear Missoni is coming to Target this September…oy ve, that’s definitely trouble heading my way!


  1. larkie

    hi Jill, i’m so pleased for you! she’s wonderful so i’m always happy to recommend her!!

  2. Jill

    Hi Larkie,

    A little while ago, you recommended Virgine at Nordstrom Topanga to me. Thanks s much. She diD an amazing job on my jacket!!! Thanks so much!

  3. larkie

    hi Myitta! i did get the sundress (size 0) and jumpsuit (size XS) and they were both too big. i would have liked to have found the sundress in P0 but it was sold out online 🙁

  4. Myitta

    Hey Larkie,
    Did you get your clothing items? I really want to know your review..

  5. larkie

    ^you did good, April! i think target tends to restock inventory online, too, for these collabs so you might still be able to find the teapots later. keeping fingers crossed they’ll restock the blue/green maxi skirt!!

  6. April

    You are such an enabler! I want one of those elephants, but they are now SOLD OUT everywhere! Whaaa!!! Bet they show up on the bay though. Darn it all. I got the flip flops, a straw bag for summer tote, a thong (as if I needed that), and a couple of necklaces. Bad Larkie, more bad me! LOL!!

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