Borough Market

Just next to the Southwark Cathedral and south of London Bridge is the present-day Borough Market, whose first location supposedly existed since Roman times. Today it is one of London’s largest food markets with wholesale and retail hours.

It took me a couple of rounds to see all the vendors before I decided to try one of these omelettes with a fresh baguette…

accompanied by a fresh cup of orange and mango juice:

I did what the locals did and found myself a spot on the curb:

For round 2 (later in the day after a brisk walk around the bridges), I decided to taste one of the many salty pies:

I would have liked to have tried the one called “Kate & Wills pie”

but opted for the vegetarian “Wildshroom & Asparagus” instead,

which I enjoyed under the cool sun in the church’s courtyard with the rest of the crowd:

I saw a few sweet treats and adorable plates on my stroll out of the market…

but it was the “buy one get one free” sign at this artisan bakery Degustibus’ table that I couldn’t resist:

I can never say no to a fresh loaf of bread with raisins and nuts in it :D:


  1. larkie

    hey V, high tea was the only thing i didn’t get to do in London, arghh!! i’d planned on it and then so many other activities got in the way. i’ll have to check out the covent garden hotel next time!

  2. larkie

    piggychopper: you can email me at–i’ll try to revamp my blog so that it includes a link to email me directly.

  3. larkie

    Hi everyone! i swear if i lived in london i’d just come eat here instead of cooking. i really ate like a little piggy on this trip. yummy!!

  4. Katherine

    I adore Borough market! I ate like a PIG whenever I visited, everything is so tempting! Your photos made me nostalgic ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Piggychopper

    Hi Larkie,

    How can i drop you an email to ask you some questions?

  6. viki anderson

    hey Larkie ๐Ÿ™‚ fab pix as ever! they are taken very near my fav London hotel ~ The Covent Garden Hotel <3 they have a wonderful bistro & their afternoon tea is superb! You might even bump into a famous Hollywood A Lister who has been staying there of late ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun! xx

  7. jelita78

    i really hate it when u could just eat anything and yet still looking gorgeous like eva longoria!!

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