FIMTSO: The Mini Flap

While I’m still sorting through some technical difficulties with my travel photos, I’ll revive my old FIMTSO series with a recent “discovery” of mine. Not that I’m Christopher Columbus seeing the new world for the first time or anything because (very) small bags have been in play for quite some time now. I’ve always thought they were adorable, especially when casually slung across the shoulder or body…of a teenager!

We’ve talked about this before. Age is but a number and inappropriateness is a fleeting state of mind in the fashion world. If you can make something work, just go out and rock it and who cares what people say, right? Err…that’s what my heart says anyway. The head, however, is tisk-tisking away with snarky comments like Why would a full-grown woman carry a Barbie-sized bag? and Carrying a child-sized bag won’t make you look any more child-like! Sigh. I know, tough audience in my head. 😀

But I’ll let you decide after today’s FIMTSO. Does the heart know more than the head this time?

Test Item: Chanel mini classic flap.

Look 1: This is how I always envision carrying this tiny bag, with a fun summer dress for museum days or date nights. It is shown here with a Liz Lange (yes, from the maternity section at Target!) black maxi dress and Louboutin flats.

Look 2: What if I paired it with a more formal look? Here it is next to the long 10A coat, theory velvet pants, black Gucci tuxedo shirt, and Dior heels.

A little harder to wear it messenger-style across a big coat, but you get the idea:

Look 3: I know you were waiting for this look…I’m all about taking a tweed jacket downtown, so here’s the bag with an 09P jacket, black tshirt, capri jeans, and Chanel camellia patent slides.


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