The High Line

The most interesting thing about NYC is how much the vibe changes from neighborhood to neighborhood, even if the physical distance is a mere few blocks. You could pop out of one subway station downtown and immediately feel an energy or ambiance that’s totally opposite from any other random stop on the Upper East Side. And I don’t mean just the way people are dressed or act–even the corner markets, residential buildings, and smell take on a new identity. Sometimes I want to just ride a line from one end to the other, getting out at every stop, and just observe these differences. But that’s a time luxury I do not have.

Anyway, on this day Lil A is convening the 4/18 Club at the Chelsea Market for brunch and she’s brought her peeps (that would be her parents). The Meatpacking District is definitely one of my favorite areas in Manhattan; you’ve got waterfront views, cool brick slaughterhouses and packing plants converted to boutiques and lofts, as well as all the high-tech businesses in the area–the perfect combo IMO–so I am definitely looking forward to this meeting:

If you want to eat at the Chelsea Market, I highly recommend The Green Table, a sustainable organic eatery that brings clever dishes from farm to table each day. Their artisanal potpies are incredible (great selections for vegetarians and carnivores alike), and I have to say their bourbon vanilla French toast is just out of this world. Hands down the best French toast I ever had.

Just around the corner from the Chelsea Market is the High Line, a 2.33 km park that was once an elevated railroad track:

And yes, that is the Statute of Liberty in the horizon:

Today it is an urban park with naturalized plantings,

surrounded by new mixed-use real estate that follows any kind of gentrification:

One of the funnier things you’ll find at the High Line is an amphitheater-style sitting area that lets you watch traffic (or the day) go by from behind a glass shield…

Now wouldn’t that be a great treat, to just spend a day watching the world rush by in Manhattan?


  1. larkie

    ^I hope you had a wonderful time in NYC–such a fun play for holidays!!!

  2. Piggychopper

    Leaving NY now leaving a note here, have a good day!

  3. Piggychopper

    I was in NY too while reading your blog, it’s the 1st day of my holidays. Always looking forward to your updates.

  4. featherfactor

    Gorgeous shots and Lil A is so cute! I miss NY, need to make a trip back there soon 🙂

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