Patience And Fortitude

There are lots of things about the New York Public Library (main branch) that are memorable. Such as the two lions, nicknamed Patience and Fortitude, that guard its entrance…

or its Beaux Arts architecture…

or its cavernous reading rooms…

or even the fact that it’s situated by Bryant Park made famous by the fashion world each year…

But for me, the foyer of the NYPL always reminds me of the scene where Carrie Bradshaw was stood up by Mr. Big on their wedding day in the first Sex And The City movie. Besides her love for Manolos and couture, I found some kinship in her character out of her major love for books! So on this day when I went to visit the NYPL, I sortof wanted a piece of it. But what could one take from a library without having to return it…hmmm…

Et voila!

Yes, I went to NY and got a library card :D. We’ll go to another neighborhood in the next entry.


  1. dre monster beats

    Terrific weblog post, Ive bookmarked this web website so hopefully Ill see much additional on this subject in the foreseeable future!

  2. larkie

    ^ L, strangely enough the NYPL didn’t care that I gave them an LA address. You just have to input your info into their computer system, show the person your ID and they issue you the card. Would have loved it more if they’d imprinted my name on the card though!

  3. L

    Getting a library card is one of my favorite rites of passage in each new city I move to. So why not get one on a visit, too! But how did you get around the requirement to prove residence?!

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