One Perfect Manhattan Day

Why do I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m in Manhattan? Perhaps it’s Lil A’s infectious sense of wonderment that’s rubbed off on me–btw, I suspect she has a future in fashion–

or perhaps it’s the fact that NYC is a perfect playground for big kids like me. For as soon as I step outside of the hotel lobby, it feels like fun is waiting to happen, no matter what time it is, no matter what I have planned or not planned. Today’s blog entry is about one such perfect Manhattan day.

So on this early Spring day with just the right amount of sun to temper a brisk wind, I take a short walk to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and catch part of a mass with a rather convoluted sermon that left me scratching my head…

Then back to Saks for a last round of shopping (who doesn’t love their express elevator to the shoe department!) and across the street to watch the skaters–love the JCrew store at this location, too…

Then it’s time for a really bad (and by bad I mean straight-to-the-derriere-good) veggie burger at the Shake Shack. No photographic evidence here of artery-clogging deliciousness. But in my defense I opt out of using transportation and walk the rest of the day. It’s really the best way to see the city anyway…

If NYC is your home, you can probably tell I’ve covered some grounds on foot from these pictures. I finally do get a break and rest my legs, however, when I make it to Broadway to catch a thrilling performance of American Idiot at the St. James Theater:

If you are a Green Day fan or just want to hear some great music, go see this show. It’s funny, bittersweet and moving all at the same time. It’s money well spent. After the show, with 21 Guns still ringing in my head, I go stand in one of the busiest intersections in the world and just soak it all in…

Listening to sounds in Times Square is like walking through a living dictionary because here you can hear all kinds of languages all around you.

From here it’s down to the bohemian Greenwich Village for dinner. Now I’m not really a foodie but I am a fan of reality TV, so if travel happens to bring me to one of the restaurants run by past winners of the show Top Chef, that’s just bonus.

Tonight I’m at Perilla, 9 Jones Street (between West 4 and Bleecker Sts.), Chef Harold Dieterle’s cozy place, and I’m glad I’ve brought my appetite. The food is exquisite.

And the night’s still young…


  1. larkie

    ^thanks LDP! food was awesome everywhere in nyc!

  2. The Little Dust Princess

    Ahh she is ADORABLE! The food in your photos all look so delicious.

  3. larkie

    ^hi Steph from Seattle!! Glad to meet you here. BTW i loved visiting Seattle–can’t wait to get back there :-).

  4. DSK Steph

    Hi Larkie! I just found your blog through your friend Feather Factor. I look forward to following your posts!

    Lots of Love from Seattle,
    Steph : )

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