Hello NYC

Now that the 4/18 Club has been established, my trips to NY will always begin with a board meeting called by Mlle President, Lil A, this time at a darling French bistro La Bonne Soupe:

She wants a full briefing on (1) the damage I’ve sustained in her town (dress and jacket that have since been taken back to the boutique for complimentary alterations)…

(2) the sights and sounds I’ve experienced…

and then (3) back to more of the shopping bits re Saks, Soho Chanel, and Banana Republic…

She, of the same shoe/bag/clotheshorse DNA, approves of my report thus far and off she sends me to hit the pavement for more stories…

Hello NYC!


  1. larkie

    thanks everyone! i’d move to nyc in a heartbeat if i didn’t love LA so much.

    happy early bday, too, April!

    Donna, i’ll def have to add brooklyn to my to-do list next trip to ny. you new yorkers are so lucky to have such a wonderful playground in your backyard!!

  2. April

    This is our birthday month – mine’s on April 17th, so Happy Birthday girlfriend. Enjoy the ride!!

  3. Donna

    Hi Larkie! Your niece is so adorable! You better padlock your closet in 3 years when she can play dress-up all by herself! Have fun visiting my home town. If you have spare time, you should definitely visit the flea markets in Brooklyn for some unique accessories to go with your new shopping haul.

  4. d

    Pre bday shoutout L! Your niece is too cute! Nice to see that Leo made the cut!!!

    Safe travels!

  5. jelita78

    she’s adorable! (that’s lil A of course..)
    u on the other hand larkie, look sooooo chic in nyc!!
    totally envy your 4/18 club!!

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