Uh Oh In NYC

The Big Apple and this fashion loving gal? That can only mean trouble…and why I’ve not had enough time to write you here. One does need more than 24 hours a day in this town if one also wants to sleep!

Uh oh in NYC…wonder what that could be in such a big bag!

More on my favorite things to do in Manhattan tomorrow…


  1. larkie

    hi S, supposedly we should be able to find some deals in europe esp when we get the VAT refunds, but of course it depends how lucky we are with the boutiques’ inventory there. i love all those places you’ll be visiting–have a great time!!

  2. sophia

    Hey Larkie!
    I was also in NY for biz last week and it was so unbelievably cold! BTW, I’m going to London, Paris and Rome in the next few weeks… Chanel should be the same price or is it cheaper in Paris? Thanks!

  3. Jelita78

    Uhhhhh Ohhhhhh !!!!!!

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