The Cardigan Will Look Cute

I know, I know, this one entry per week is no way to run a blog, but I’ve half a mind these days with looming deadlines (and still no decision on a travel bag for the upcoming trip!). So yesterday while multitasking on my bff (aka my smart phone) while standing in a very long line at the DMV to renew my driver’s license,

I was thinking this very place is the perfect cross section of the Los Angeles population. You see people of all races, sizes, shapes, and levels of sanity here. And with most people in your typical southern Cal sweat-gear, I stuck out like a sore thumb in my very bright Chanel cardi, but hey, you’re stuck with a gnarly photo for a few years so why not at least try to wear something cute in it :D!

I’d actually made an online appointment for my visit–God help you if you didn’t; with a few closings of DMV locations, the lines are super long now at the ones that do remain open–but it still ended up taking over an hour to wait in line to spend exactly 2 minutes in front of a very bored person, who asked me to read a few lines above her head with my left eye covered, then my right eye. Thank goodness I’d just gotten new contacts so I had every confidence to pass the “eye exam” with my new-found 20/20 vision! Then an impression of my right thumb was taken, a photo snapped, and I was sent on my way. BTW some crazy guy jumped out right in front of me, waving his arms in the air, before the photo was taken, so I’m sure in six weeks I’ll receive my license with a ridiculous expression on my face. Great way to spend $31, but heck, I bet the cardigan will look cute!


  1. larkie

    ^lol! if this picture turns out badly i’m going to get a new photo taken, too!! my vanity is worth $31 hehe! well, even with an an appointment my wait was super long. i can’t imagine anyone would just walk in to a DMV anymore…it’s a scary place!

  2. April

    At least in Calif. you can make appts. at the DMV; here in Oregon, you go in and take a number and sit your butt in a chair for a good 45 minutes before being called up. And this is in Central Oreogn, in a small town, nothing like Pasadena. I always go dressed to the teeth; that photo is going to be there for a long time. Since I just had a full face-lift, wonder if I should get a new photo taken? Whatd’ya think?

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