Something Green For St. Patrick’s Day

This past trip went by so fast I didn’t even get to blog about it. My schedule was so full that I never did get to squeeze in those few hours to “research” options at the store for my big trip. But the good news is that I have mentally identified the one bag I do want for this trip and all the trips thereafter…I’m crossing fingers and toes that I’ll find it over there to save a bit on taxes. More on that later when I reach my destination. I’m starting to think half the fun of getting a new bag is the chase around the world for it!

So, back to catching up on a million things for the week of being away. Until the next entry, I’ll tantalize you with something green for St. Patrick’s Day…have a cold green beer for me :D!


  1. larkie

    ^oh lisa! wouldn’t that be a fabulous adventure!! yowza!!

  2. larkie

    thanks everyone for your comments! it’s one of my favorite bags ever, too…it’s so much prettier in person than in my static photos!

  3. Eileen

    I am gasping for air Larkie! This is closest to the real thing!

  4. Patrick.H.

    This bag is to die for! The first crocobag I really like.

  5. jelita78

    the pain.
    in my heart.
    it’s green too.
    with envy.


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