Bananas for Banana

I first fell in love with Banana Republic, many years ago, when I saw their safari-inspired clothes. This was way before I got to go on my first safari, but in my mind, I always dreamed of being in Africa in the perfect bush jacket and khaki riding pants. Then the company went through growing pains and hiccups and for the last few years I’ve decidedly spent more time at JCrew for my basic or fun pieces.

But yesterday I walked by a BR store and made out like a bandit. They had just marked down things to at least 40% off and then offered another 25% on top of all sale items. How do you say no to that! So I got a twill cotton band/military jacket in a sage color…

a water-repellant jacket with an adorable ruffle collar in the same shade, and luckily the length was just right, just long enough to cover the behind…

and a pair of stretch khakis. I scored everything in size 00P, and even the pants didn’t require any alterations…I only write about the sizes because I know there are other shrimpy gals out there who have trouble finding pants that fit, so when I find a miracle I have to shout it out! I’m bananas for Banana right now.

There’s also a soft grey leather jacket from their Heritage line on hold for me–here’s the nutty story. It’s about $135 after all the discounts and still I wanted to sleep on it. Mostly because I need another leather jacket like Imelda needs more shoes, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t know why it’s easier to make an executive decision on a very expensive item, but on smaller purchases we (or I) have to really mull it over. Is it the female gene, or is it just the crazy gene?

So based on the pics today, I think I’ve found the color scheme for the wardrobe I’m packing this weekend. Lots of muted, paler colors to go with the bags I’d like to test on this trip. It feels like a never ending quest to find the perfect travel bag! Anyway, in the next entry about how to downsize for a long trip, I’ll reveal the accessories.

For now, in the paraphrased words of Imelda, maybe just one more leather jacket won’t kill me…


  1. larkie

    hi April! ahhh you’ll have to wait and see where i pop up! you should def pop into the store. i also prefer online shopping, but if there’s a store nearby, nothing beats trying stuff on before committing. and one of these days you’ll have to tell me about your hick town!!

  2. April

    OK, what exactly is the upcoming trip? Did I miss that post? Where are you going, my dear?
    Congrats on the BR loot. Now you’re making me want to go over there – there is a store here in this hick town I’m now living in, however, I hate shopping in person. So much rather do it online.

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