The Road Thus Far

Remember when I started the FIMTSO series I referenced Imelda Marcos? Not that I find kinship in this former First Lady’s shopaholic ways but sometimes I can totally relate to why she’d buy multiples of certain things. In my case, I won’t (anymore) buy a full rainbow of one style of shoes because I like primary colors, but I would collect various colors of something that fits/travels well or stock up on a specific staple item (like a well fitting pair of jeans) that might be phased out by the label for other styles that won’t fit when I need to replace it. I’m merely thinking ahead, and isn’t preparedness a rationalization for every woman who likes to shop?!

Ok, ok, maybe I do like rainbows! But in my defense, these cardigans have been wonderful travel companions for sweater weather. This short trip was all about black, though, so this one made the cut:

The road thus far has not brought me any closer to finding the travel bag for my upcoming big trip, though this morning I woke up thinking I should go check out the wallet-on-a-chain bags since they’re small enough to hide under coats/jackets in crowded places and won’t get heavy on long days. And they’re great for going to dinner. But what do I do with maps or souvenirs or sketchbooks? Hopefully I can steal a few hours in the next couple of days to try on a few ideas at the store. Because this little fellow that I did manage to score on this trip is definitely NOT one for the road…


  1. larkie

    Hi L in SCA! i usually wear dark colored running or walking shoes when i have a lot of walking to do for the day. i am also a big fan of wearing converse sneakers, which tend to blend in with pretty much everywhere i go so they don’t scream “tourist.” in the warmer climates i also pack flip flops…sometimes your feet just need a breather, but i’m mindful of wearing them in certain cities, too, where flip flops are not so generally accepted. the problem is that it’s really hard to not look like a tourist when we’ve got a map in one hand and eyes looking up at street signs, even if our clothes fit in with the locale šŸ˜€ !!

  2. L in SCA

    Hi Larkie! I didn’t know how else to email you! As a seasoned traveler, what do you recommend for stylish but comfortable shoes for a lot of walking/touring? (I don’t want to wear white tennis shoes and advertise myself as “tourist”!) Thanks! Love following your blog! šŸ™‚

  3. Featherhand

    These are my favorite cardigans from Chanel as well – you are so lucky that you have 3!

  4. jelita78

    that sweater is gorgeous!!!
    i love the striped lining!

    and the croc almost killed me!

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