Year Of The Cat

I know practically everything (and soon everyone) is made in or owned by China, but some of us Asians follow our own lunar new year, as opposed to the Chinese New Year. And that can get a little confusing sometimes, especially this year, when we recognize two totally different animals. To the Chinese, this marks the year of the rabbit. For those of us who are celebrating Tết Tân Mão, however, it is all about the cat!

Happy meow year, cung chúc tân xuân, everyone and may the cat watch over you kindly this year!


  1. larkie

    isjn: isn’t that a hoot?! i stayed at the rex on one of the visits, too…too bad it wasn’t there when i was there!!

  2. larkie

    ^ omg a cat on fire! i would have fainted! one of my cats loves to lean against the portable heaters and i swear one of these days he will also catch on fire. And that is hysterical that you know yours is an aquarius! mine were adopted from a shelter so i don’t really know when they were born; my best guess is late august.

  3. April

    Totally a cat woman, here. I have two adorable Persian cats. One is a big white fuzzy one with an Odd Bob personality (he’s an Aquarius.) So far in our new home in Oregon he’s managed to jump up on the kitchen island (where I had lit candles in the evening) catch his fur on fire and run across the room flaming. Lucky for him, he has a lot of fur and was not damaged by the event.
    Then, while the painter was working on our interior repaint, he jumped into the big vat of paint and ran around the wood floors autographing with his feet. We spent an hour wiping that up. So far, he MUST know that it’s the year of the Cat as he’s been predominately front and center for the last month. Thanks for sharing this tid bit (year of the cat) with us.

  4. d

    Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Jelita78

    Oh really??
    This is indeed new knowledge to me.
    Thanks for sharing the info!

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