William Rast For Target

I have a confession to make. I’m a Justin Timberlake fan, and if he ever goes on tour again I might or might not have to rent a tween to take to the concert with me (I’m just here to chaperone, ahem!). In all the recent running around I forgot to blog about his label’s collaboration with Target. When I heard about JT’s venture into fashion with a friend a few years ago, I, too, was doubtful. But after checking out the William Rast gear, I was pleasantly surprised by some of their designs, especially the ruched leather jackets.

So when the William Rast for Target collection hit the stores a few months ago, I knew I had to get one of the cool leather moto jackets. The leather is buttery soft and the cut is so tiny that I might have to hold my breath to keep it zipped up.

And I adore the quilting on the shoulder. Yummy leather.

I like the jeans a lot, with cool whiskering behind the knees, but alas, they do not come in my size. So I choose a second jacket, this time a cropped twill one with ruching everywhere. Again, a teeny tiny jacket, but pretty darn cool on:

There’s even ruching in the back…how’s that for bringing sexy back? Sorry, JT, easy shot but I had to take it :D.


  1. D.K.

    I just wanted to stop by and say the jacket fits PERFECTLY!!! I’m so happy I got one and the leather is so so so soft!!! It’s not coated with a shiny coat like my regular WR jacket, however it’s super thin and soft, and I’m so glad I gave this a try. I’m not a fan of motorcycle jackets and I was a bit unsure about this one but I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog and found out it would fit petite women perfectly! yay!!

  2. larkie

    hi DK! sure, i’ll post a pic of the jackets on me tonight.

  3. D. K

    also!! I notice u are super tiny!! I’m also super small and had to return a regular WR jacket in xs because it was too big.. hoping this one will fit better! I live overseas and ordered the jacket online but would love to know more about it before I see it months later thanks!

  4. D. K

    Can u please PLEASE post pictures of you wearing this jacket? I would truly appreciate it thanks!!!

  5. SL

    OMG – which planet was I on? I did not know that William Rast collaborated with Target!

  6. larkie

    Donna: the leather is quite nice for this price point (can’t beat 50% off!!) so i think it’s a great filler till you get the second bal jkt (also a weakness of mine lol). and you’re right, lunar new year celebration is so awesome in asia! sounds like you’re having a great time!

  7. Donna

    Hi Larkie! Thank you for this post! I just bought the William Rast brown leather jacket from Target online. It’s currently 50% so it makes it an even sweeter deal! Did you get it on sale? This jacket shape and color is close to the cognac brown Balenciaga moto leather jacket I been obsessed with but just couldn’t pull the trigger to buy it since I have one in black already. This will do as a substitute at a steal of a price until I can reason with myself why I need 2 Balenciaga moto jackets 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family. I actually took some time off to travel to China to visit some extended family for Chinese New Year and the celebration here in the motherland is nothing like it in New York. Again, thanks for this post for me to score a deal! Check out the Target online, there’s still a lot of Willam Rast stuff left on clearance.

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