Lady Match-A-Lot

Remember the rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot of the “Baby Got Back” fame? Well, if I were his female counterpart in the fashion world, my moniker would be Lady Match-a-Lot.

Case in point, the first thing I do upon bringing home a new bag is not immediately wearing it but rather digging through my stashes to see what shoes I can match with the bag. I know, that’s soo old school, but it’s the same thrill as finding the Cinderella who fits the glass slipper…

or putting in the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle…

It takes a few tries until you find the right match:

Do you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do? How ’bout a couple more just for fun?


  1. larkie

    ^you know the problem with chanel is that there’s ALWAYS something else to love, so hold tight…i’m sure you’ll find something just as lovely in the next collection!!

  2. Yeecin

    Well, that is what I thought, she is about 4 hrs driving from me and the item has ended. There was an american buyer looking for it, – so no, I didnt get it. I think I will wait for later on. Maybe something more classic in fall. I guess I just don’t have the luck for the spring/summer collection:)

  3. larkie

    ^i wonder if the pictures were taken at an odd angle, making the bag look a little out of shape. would she allow you to see it in person first before you buy it if she lives close to you? i hope the rumor is true about the chain around coming back in the fall, too. would be great to see what twists they add to this collection!!

  4. Yeecin

    Thanks L! Well, the SA rang around tried to track down a bag for me, but I have no luck whatsoever, he is now telling me my only 2 choices are dark brown or beige….and then I requested for the Maxi chain around. I was told it is not avaialble in any of the stores. I guess he didn’t ring anywhere outside Europe tho. But Maxi chain around will be back in autum/winter collection,maybe I will put my name down. I saw a lovely grey messenger chain around on ebay in Ireland – but I dont know if I should grab it either… Hmmm… Wish I had better luck!

  5. larkie

    ^i think there’s always that risk with a light colored bag, but you just have to be more cautious about not wearing it with dark clothes (esp jeans). i carried the blue buffalo today and i have to say it’s actually very, very grey, with just a hint of blue to it. anyway, between burgundy and black i would choose black. i didn’t think the burgundy was a saturated a shade to my liking when i saw it under the store lighting. i would actually go for dark brown!! hth!!

  6. Yeecin


    Quick question, Do you think this chain around in grey will have colour transfer issue? I asked my SA to track one down for me but it seems none left – he rang a lot stores. But I found on somewhere else, However, he also said there are dark brown, black and Burgundy. If grey requires a lot of care, I may go for a dark colour, what do you think burgundy or the black? I prefer the burgundy as I already have black bags. Need some help please;) TIA

  7. SL

    Yes – you are Ms. Match-A-Lot! The chain around looks perfect 😀

  8. Yeecin

    Hi, Thanks for letting me know. I like to carry the bag crossbody as I have weird shoulders, most shoulder bags dont stay! This maybe a concern for GST tho! Anyways, I am on the list for the GST GHW as I have the jumbo in the SHW, but I must go to the store to try it again, also the medium chain around catches my eyes more than the GST, somehow, the GST looks a bit boring compare to the chain around. However, I think the jumbo was a great choice for me, it is the workhorse bag for me too;)

  9. larkie

    ^i think if you’re building a classic collection, i’d get the GST, esp since it looks nice for work. i’ve not really seen it lose its shape unless you really overstuff or abuse it. my chain around is the medium size (i can’t pull off the large, much too big) and i like the fact that it’s a lil bit classic and a lil bit modern. but the super long chain IS a pain. so you have to love it enough to put up with the temporary chain shortening under the flap or with a permanent fix, which means you can’t take it back to chanel later for any repairs, plus it might be hard resell it later with the alteration if you should tire of it. so those would be a few things to consider in your analysis…hth!

  10. Yeecin

    Not even consider the PST! Too small, not worth it. However, tried the GST, didn’t notice the chain issue, maybe coz I didn’t pay enough attention. I will do it again, they seem to be constantly out of stock, but again, your blog has changed my mind, I am thinking about the grey chain around now! Medium or large. I know the large looks a bit like maxi. But i like the medium one ( i think it is the one you have here), any pros and cons? Shall I stick with GST or go with this, personally, i think GST is a bit old looking but it is classic, however, im worries about the bag will lose its shape. This chain around just so eye catching, i loved it straight away when i first saw it on the chanel website.

    Ta X

  11. larkie

    yeecin: lol! i’m happy to have enabled you into the jumbo!! my black jumbo is a workhorse and i love it! i’ve had the GST and the PST but neither worked for me b/c the straps would slide off my shoulder…otherwise i love the organization of those totes. have you tried them on at the store to make sure of comfort/fit?

  12. yeecin

    i forgot to say, I love the first one! It looks so much fun!!!

  13. yeecin

    Haven’t visited you for so long!–Hi!!! bags and shoes look fab! You have so many goodies, I wish I have half! So I did got my jumbo classic flap about nearly 2 years ago after read your blog lol! was busy buying other brand for a bit in between but I must say Chanel is always my fav. — I love the new bags! also still love the GST, Cannot make up my mind what I will purchase next, but I feel the urge, what do you think? GST OR NOT?;)

  14. Jelita78

    Yeah April..
    U got that right..
    Bad bad badddd Larkie to tempt us!

  15. April

    Love the last one the most-est! You do know that candy is an ADDiction, right?! LOL!!

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