In Search Of The Perfect Companion

OK so it’s been a few days since my prematurely exuberant entry about finding a great travel bag, and I’m afraid after a day of testing out the bag, I’m back to square 1. Yes, I love the size/leather/color of the vintage camera bag, but I’m not sure I can do the whole messenger style thing. Carrying a bag cross-body is still not very comfortable to me…so yikes, I’m still in search of the perfect companion for this long trip.

A sweet reader just commented in my last blog entry about her favorite travel bag, the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag, and I’ll have to go investigate (ha! another excuse to go shopping šŸ˜€ ). I think I do have a few options left to mull over during my short trip this week, and I’ll come back here to post those thoughts for your counsel. The big trip is in 3 weeks so the clock is ticking! How is it possible that after all these years of hitting the road I still don’t have the perfect solution for a bag!


  1. larkie

    Jel: the chain on this particular bag is attached on the outside of the bag, so no mcgyver tricks allowed šŸ™

  2. larkie

    DK: i love balenciaga leather for traveling. you can fold it up, beat it up, drag it all around town and it still looks fab! i loved using the Day bag on a trip last year…maybe i should revisit this bag hmmm

  3. larkie

    L, if i were about 4 inches taller i’d be able to carry it over the shoulder. it’s a slim silhouette, which i love, but the long chain is always a killer…wish it came with the adjustable S hook!

  4. jelita78

    but dear, can’t u tie ribbons on the strap to shorten it up? isn’t that like what SAs said about WOC, and chain around flap straps?

    or is it because the strap is placed on the outer side of the bag, making it hard to tuck the ribbons and extra tied-strap in?

    oh yes to coppola!
    i never travelled but heck i’d want one too!

  5. dk

    Although the velo is meant to be carried crossbody I am insanely petite and the velo hits a lot lower than I would like so the city is a good option. xo

  6. dk

    hi! it’s the overseas reader again. I travell ALL The time and the best LIGHTWEIGHT bag for travelling is the balenciaga city bag. HTH!

  7. L

    Oh! I didn’t realize that *has* to be carried cross-body. Bummer! I do like the LV Coppola bag, though. Happy shopping!

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