Another Afternoon In A Champagne Stupor

Another day, another afternoon in a champagne stupor…oh wait, did I just type that out loud? What I meant to say was that there was a lot of champagne flowing at yet another Chanel 11P trunk show today, but as I was my own designated driver, I had to settle for sparkling water. All for the best, because God only knows how many other items I would have signed up for had I been even a little bit tipsy. And believe you me, I was plenty drunk just on the eye candy alone!

So, the usual suspects. I saw the lion-clasp flaps like last time, except this boutique had all the sizes–medium and large flaps and a strapless clutch. I saw it in black and pink, and I still have to maintain that the lambskin felt very flimsy…so I’m still not persuaded. I was hoping I’d love the pink but it was not in the right shade for me. A bit too salmon pink for my taste.

Then there was a very whimsical black medium lambskin flap with enamel ladybugs encrusted to the bag and chain that certainly caught my eye–but I didn’t like the nylon entwined in the classic chain instead of leather. Whadup with that, Chanel? I also played with an adorable bright yellow satin clutch shaped like a short/squat takeout box with an insect clasp (sounds like a disaster and yet I was enchanted)…the perfect just because present for someone who already has everything.

But we all know I’ve written off the Spring bags, right? So let’s get to the RTW that I did manage to try on. Did I already whine about how annoying it is to put on the sample sizes which are size 38 (for the leggy models) taken in to fit like a 34? I know, I do not know what it’s like to win the genetics lottery, but in my next life I’d like to have legs up to my neck–heck, even eyeballs–so I could rock all these gorgeous little dresses…but I digress.

There was this adorable swing coat in this fun tweed:

It had a lot of volume, but I think in my correct size could be fab over tiny white pants or dark capri jeans for the summer. It actually comes with a teeny tiny skirt but I think it’d be cuter over pants:

And speaking of volume, my SA had me try on this rather full empire dress in thick navy cotton. Terrible spy pic here so you can’t see how lovely the fabric really is…and on the right person, I could see how it would look very chic with a pair of killer, high, high heels.

But you know, this more subtle dress below is more me–just a simple yet architectural, modern take on a column dress.

It suits my frame, but I wonder what kind of undergarment would work for that somewhat open back?

Here’s a pic of the sweater knit cardi that I thought was super cute on the model at the other trunk show–the one you could tie and sling across the body like a messenger bag:

My conclusion is that I cannot pull off that look. Hated the short, wide sleeves on me.

I managed to try on a few other items but the iPhone is a terrible spy tool in a dimly lit room, so I won’t post the fuzzy photos. I’ll just end today’s entry with a couple of fantasy jackets. Why fantasy? Because of the fantasy ribbon tweed, first and foremost. And secondly because I’d only buy them in my fantasies…not only are they extremely expensive but the fabric was snagging just by virtue of my looking at it. That’s how delicate the fabric on these jackets was:

Before I let you go, I have to retract something here. Consider this a mea culpa for dissing the Chain Me collection in the other entry. Because today I saw the tote version from this group and thought it was perfect both for work and play. No spy pics of bags today at all, but perhaps a live reveal when it arrives. Yay!


  1. sophia

    Hey Larkie,
    Did you see today’s WSJ article about the rise in commodity price is altering how designers produce their products? I think chanel is definitely affected too hence decline in leather quality as well as use of Vinyl. I wasn’t too excited about leather quality this season too but I think cost challenge is faced by all luxury brands. Chanel not exception. =(

  2. April

    Oh you are such a Ho, you are, you are! 🙂

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