An Inappropriate Valentine

It should be no surprise to any of you by now that I heart Chanel. And I heart it out loud, in full (photographic) overdrive. So while in a daze from my bout with food poisoning from a bad falafel (maybe it was the hummus?) this past weekend, I was thinking why not share some crazy photos of the ones I “romance” on this day of love?

I know, Chanel bags may make such an inappropriate valentine, but sometimes they’re so pretty you just want to show them some love… 😀

Happy heart day everyone!


  1. larkie

    ^thanks Steph!! i am a lucky girl 🙂

  2. DSK Steph

    Your Chanel Collection is incredible!

    You win the post fabulous blogger award in my book! <3

  3. Layna

    Hmm..I’ll take some time to think about this.. 🙂 Very sound advice I must say .. 🙂 I’ll let you know once I have decided which one I’m gonna splurge on?

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of your photos and those interesting ‘mix & match’!!! 🙂

  4. larkie

    ^hmm, to be honest i think beige is more “classic” than white, but even these classic colors don’t always look the same from season to season, such as beige and brown. but imho, as long as you get the classic flap or 2.55 flap, it’s always a classic to me in any color (so long as there’s no great modification on the bag such as getting it in fabric or metallic, which makes it more seasonal to me). i think a white bag (or even a pale patent) runs the risk of discoloration, esp if stored improperly, but caviar really is pretty low maintenance. and at worst, you can always get them spiffed up with a spa treatment.

  5. Layna

    Ohh.. When I enquired on whether the white is ‘seasonal’, I actually meant if ‘white’ colour is part of the classic range of colours, e.g, black or beige or is it very much dependent on the season, e.g, end of last year, they have grey and early this year, another shade of red…

  6. Layna

    Hi Larkie, thanks for the great advice. I heart the white jumbo too, but but but… Am worried of the practicality of getting a white bag.. It is so hard to maintain, especially considering how easily it can get dirty? Do you have the same problem? Does it turn ‘yellowy’ and stain easily?

    As for whether it is going to be “seasonal”, that you need not worry.. From where I come from, we have summer all year round.. So, it’s okie dokie..;)

  7. larkie

    ^Hi Layna! I think a white jumbo would be so chic, but it may be “seasonal” depending where you live. Out here in sunny LA, we’d carry white bags year round. Since you already have two black bags, my vote is on either the white jumbo or grey reissue 227 (also one of my fav bags in my collection!). you can’t really go wrong with any decision, however…all of the choices you are considering are great classics!!

  8. Layna

    Hi Larkie!

    You definitely have an impeccable taste! I’ve been a follower of your thread in TPF and now, here.. It’s just…addictive! 😉

    Anyway, a quick question here.. I own a black jumbo and a black reissue now torn in between a white jumbo (purely because I saw how well you’re carrying it), black reissue 226 and a grey reissue 227. Which do you think I should get? Is the white seasonal?

    Would appreciate your response! 😉

  9. Dawn72

    Verry inappropriate Ms Larkie .. You need to pass some of that love over here ..

  10. Jelita78

    Hun, it’s Proenza Shouler bag !
    Very very veryyyyy gorgeous.
    But of course, not as stunning as your lover up there..
    Hmmm, can I give a quick smooch to that croc flap of yours pleaseeeeee!
    Muahsss! Smooch! Chup chup!

  11. larkie

    sophia: congrats on scoring two new bags! but i’m curious, what is a PS1 bag?

  12. sophia

    Thanks for the photo!
    Last time I mentioned I bought PS1 bag instead of chanel since I couldn’t find anything I like.. but for Valentine’s day my hubby found one bag that I had been dying for.. Initially it was sold out in HK but the stores got new stock. It’s the grey vinyl bag w CC on it. So I also *heart* chanel!!!

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