Trophy Shoes

Today’s photos are for an overseas reader who wanted to see how the William Rast for Target jackets fit before she ordered them online. So here some photos of how the XS fits me:

I’m more comfortable with it unzipped:

And here’s the ruched twill one–this one doesn’t feel as tight when zipped, and I think it looks better zipped anyway…

Now, you all probably think I’ve given up on my trophy wife jacket, but I haven’t. I’ve just not had enough time to find the one key item I want to wear with it yet. But I’ll give you a preview of the Gucci runway shoes I’m dying to feature with it…

I know I can’t wear those shoes except while in my closet, leaning on furniture in there for support. But what can I say, it makes sense to wear trophy shoes with a trophy jacket, right? 😀


  1. D.K.

    oh yay!!! So I had stopped by to tell u how the jacket fits 😀 To my surprise, we are about the same size (top, not so much bottom I’m much bigger hehe) so I am totally using u as my online “role model” 😀


  2. larkie

    DK, that’s the william rast jacket you’re talking about, right? yay! it’s one of my fav leather jackets, too!!

  3. D.K

    I just wanted to let u know I am finally in LA, and got my jacket and it fits like a glove!!! thank u so much for all the pics!!! xoxo

  4. D. K

    I feel HONORED to be mentioned in the post yay!! Thank you so much the jacket looks AWESOME on you I know I can’t go wrong with the spectacular price I really can’t wait to see the jacket soon!! Btw I forgot to ask what size do you normally wear? I’m a 28DDD/30DD bra but don’t let the letters fool you.. I’m super tiny!! 5″2 and actually pretty heavy at 108lbs but I wear size 24/00 or Pxxs (I like to call myself a “compact” person hehe)

    thank you!!!

    PS: your collection is amazing!!!

  5. larkie

    sophia: that’s a good idea for a blog entry! i’ll see what i can do!!

  6. larkie

    lol! i think we all have lots of “trophies” we’d rather not mention! men seem to flaunt trophies on their arms and we women hide ours in the closets!!

  7. Dawn72

    That must be the mother of all shoes .. Is it possible to get shots of you teetering in them? 🙂

  8. Sophia

    Hey Larkie,
    How do you organize your closet? You should do an entry about how to best organize your RTW and bags! I live in HK where space is really tight so organizing closet is always a challenge!

  9. Jelita78

    Larkie got a trophy shoes too!!
    And wowwwww on brown jacket! It shows your sexy curvy waist, which u actually do have!!!
    Wayyyy to go larkie!!

  10. April

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has a closet full of CL heels that don’t get worn. Who was I kidding? I can’t walk in them even WITH practice. Now that I live in Central Oreogn I’d stick out like a freak in 5″ heels with everyone else wearing boots and Birkenstocks ’round here.

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